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YOGAaccessories Blog

Best Yoga Mats for Peak Performance
What’s your favorite yoga mat? I have six that I am in love with, and today will share why these mats satisfy this hard-to-please yoga mat connoisseur.
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Q&A: Rebekah “Bex” Borucki
Rebekah “Bex” Borucki has an undeniably huge online presence. We caught up with her to peer into her yoga universe… here’s a look into one super busy yogi’s amazing life.
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Ego: The Good, The Bad, And The Death Of
How does your ego help or interfere with your yoga practice or meditation? How about it’s role in your entire life? Liberation of the harmful ego and discovery of transcendental ego will lead you to moksha, the goal of yoga.
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How to Start a Mobile Yoga Business
Have props will travel! Here are a few tips and tricks for starting your own mobile yoga business. By being creative, open minded and flexible, your yoga business will reap intangible rewards.
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How The Beatles Popularized Yoga and Meditation in the West
The Beatles and meditation: two peas in a pod. Here’s how it happened and how the Fab Four helped popularize Eastern concepts.
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3 Steps to De-Stress in Any Situation
The next time you’re finding yourself challenged — whether at work, at your mother-in-law’s, or even at home with the kids, take five minutes to yourself to press your mental and emotional re-set button.
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The Mantra: Yoga of Sound
The use of sound in a yoga studio can make the difference between an effective practice and a frustrating one! By tuning into a mantra, instrumental music or the sound of the breath, we can improve meditation and consciousness.
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Why We Practice Yoga
Our paths TO yoga are as wide and varied as our paths IN yoga. We practice yoga for a myriad of reasons, but usually whatever brought us to yoga in the first place is not what keeps us there.
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Hot Yoga - Debunking Myths
We love hot yoga for alleviating the winter blues and because it is a physical and mental challenge! However, there are many undeniable myths and half-truths surrounding Bikram. Here we challenge those myths in search of the truth.
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Yoga for a Healthy Body Image
Learn to love yourself and your body by practicing yoga and integrating healthy yogic spiritual principles into your everyday life!
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Recent Posts

Best Yoga Mats for Peak Performance

Q&A: Rebekah “Bex” Borucki

Ego: The Good, The Bad, And The Death Of

How to Start a Mobile Yoga Business

How The Beatles Popularized Yoga and Meditation in the West

3 Steps to De-Stress in Any Situation

The Mantra: Yoga of Sound

Why We Practice Yoga

Hot Yoga - Debunking Myths

Yoga for a Healthy Body Image


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