The alarm rings and without a second thought, you slam the snooze button. And after five minutes, the snooze is slammed again. Repeat cycle until you are ridiculously late for work already. Maybe it’s not that you don’t like your job. Maybe you love your job but the bed feels oh so yummy, snuggly and warm -- all of those things that your job is not. 

As soon as my feet hit the floor, I’m ready to go. But sometimes, I lack motivation and it’s clear when you look at my timesheet or paycheck for that time period. Those ten minutes late add up after a few days.

The same can be extended to hitting the gym or making plans to go to a yoga class. Motivation -- or rather, lack thereof -- is, in most cases, the make-it or break-it factor in whether myself or the rest of you out there will or will not exercise after making plans to do so. How do you motivate yourself? I’ve asked around, “What tips/tricks help you stay motivated and on track with your exercise regimen?” Here are some of the responses I received and can endorse:

  1. “I just really enjoy looking good in the buff (it's true) and I really have to stay in shape so I can perform well on the job. I work hard because I like to play hard.” -Ernest P.

  2. “The buddy system. I made a date to try surfset yoga last Saturday and it was kind of early in the morning. I wouldn’t have gone if I had just planned it myself, but because I was meeting a friend, I didn’t want to let her down. I ended up having a blast!” - Kate K.

  3. “Planning my workout schedule every Sunday night and putting it in my calendar. If I schedule it into my busy schedule, it’s already planned. The best part is that I get to cross it off once I come back from my run!” -Tara G.

  4. “I make it kind of a practical rewards system: I eat healthy during the week and work out so that I can splurge on Friday/Saturday night by going out to dinner. If I didn't work out, I don't go out to eat.” -Laura M.

  5. “Taking ‘off’ days keeps me sane. If I work out for five days straight, I get burnt out, shin splints, and VERY moody. Now I force myself to workout every other day.” - Peter Y.

  6. “Go easy on yourself. If I have planned to work out and don’t want to, I go for a quick, seven minute, one mile run instead of a 90 minute Bikram class.” -Taryn K.  

  7. “Switching it up. Take the typical American gym: you can swim, you can take group exercise classes of all types, use countless different types of exercise machines, there is so much to do, if I get bored, I give up. So I try something new!” - Joe K.

  8. “If you are new, start out slow. If you want to run and are completely out of shape, try running three blocks and back without stopping. If you can go further, do it! Then, slowly increase your distance every other day” - Cassandra N.  

  9. “Treating myself to new activewear or new gear. There’s nothing that makes me want to go to 6 a.m. mysore like a new pair of Lulu pants or a new Dragonfly top!” - Karlie M.  

  10. “I make goals. I just signed up (and paid for) a 5k in August and I can barely run a mile right now... so I have some training to do or I’m not going to have any fun with that money I spent!“ - Pam F.

  11. “A lot of yoga studios and other specialty studios (e.g. Barre/Pilates/Spin), display their class schedules online and you are encouraged to pre-register for class to save your spot. When you do this, payment is requested. Once it’s paid for, you are more likely to attend once to avoid wasting money. - Jordan P.

  12. “Endorphins makes me feel so good. Although during Bikram I typically want to run out of the room and jump into a pool of ice water, I know that if I just stay and finish the class, a rush of endorphins will flood my brain. This is where the term ‘blissed out’ came from!” -Rick G.

What do you do to stay motivated and stay in shape? If we get enough comments, we will add them to this blog and make it one big list of reasons not to skip the gym or the studio today! Let’s see how long we can make this list ….