2'' Foam Yoga Block - Buy One Get One Free

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2'' Foam Yoga Block - Buy One Get One Free
Part Number: YP41BRIXXX02BOGO
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Bricks are shorter than blocks, for stacking or support
Lightweight yet long-lasting and durable
Made from EVA scratch-resistant foam
Slender size: 2" x 8" x 12"
Available in black, blue or purple

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This yoga block is long and lean, just like you! For intermediate and advanced yogis, our 2 Inch Yoga Brick will offer a little extra support and extensions to your asanas. Perfect for stacking or when full size yoga blocks are too big. Our 2” Brick is lightweight, yet highly durable and long-lasting. Sturdy foam is scratch resistant as well as being soft and easy to grab. As with any yoga prop, the yoga brick will help you extend and achieve all poses fully and correctly, improving alignment, flexibility, and range of movement. Plus, at only two inches tall, our bricks are easy to transport with you to and from the studio. Clean your brick with a warm soapy rag or with yoga mat cleaner.

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