Yoga is not just a form of exercise, it's a lifestyle! If you teach, practice, or know someone who loves yoga, Yoga Accessories has the best deals for that special yogi or yogini in your life.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, we can now truly focus on quality gift-giving without the hassle and gimmicks that this crazy long weekend brought. As a consumer, I am finally reaching a zen state and can shop with the peacefulness that online shopping provides. Hopefully, if you did shop on the Blackest Friday of all, those 'doorbusters' didn't lead to a trip to the E.R.!

Stress melting away yet? How about all that money you are saving in gas shopping from home? Are you going to miss the mall traffic? Parking wars? Wicked long lines and claustrophobic dressing rooms? Bundling up to face frigid temperatures only to take it all off once you enter the mall. Where are you supposed to carry all that stuff? Leave that Excedrin in your medicine cabinet and relax! Buying online has never been safer, easier or more desirable. We have a staff of friendly yoga enthusiasts working in our customer service department around the clock to offer advice, help you place orders (large and small), and walk you through the buying process if you aren't the most computer savvy yogi in the world or like to go old-fashioned and buy from a real live person. Think of our customer service girls as your personal yogi stylists, a free service provided by the wonderful world of Yoga Accessories.

Whether you are shopping for yourself, your sister who has talked for years about how much she wants to start "doing" yoga, your ashtanga-loving wife, your beloved yoga instructor, a teen or child who enjoys getting down on the mat, your husband who has been going through a Pilates phase, or a friend who won't stop talking about her Bikram class (or the cute teacher), Yoga Accessories is filled with well over three thousand products to fit every aspect of the yogic lifestyle. Whether that special someone on your gift list celebrates Christmasana, Chanukasana, or Kwanzasana (see what I did there?), I have scoured our products to handpick my favorite items on Yoga Accessories. I bet you never knew we even sold most of these! We are sure to find something for that special yoga lover in your life. Plus, just in time for the holidays, we recently added several new products we know you will love. We chose our top gifts for the following categories: new students, advanced yoginis, men, Bikram or hot yoga devotees, studio owners or teachers, meditation lovers, and children/teens. So here's my list, I checked it twice. Now it's your turn to figure out whether they've been naughty or nice.

Gifts for New Students

Extra Thick Deluxe 1/4" Yoga Mat

1/4in extra thick deluxe yoga mat

Our best selling item. Why? It's inexpensive, comes in 25 color choices, is extra thick and supportive on joints, composed of slip-free open cell PVC, and it's extra long. A necessity for any new yogi!!

Dragonfly Skinny Pant

Dragonfly Skinny Pant

The NEW Dragonfly Skinny Pant features a hidden compartment inside the waist, a medium rise layered top, and thick fabric that will cover all your most private assets through rigorous twists and turns. In the world of yoga pants, skinny cut is the new boot cut. This shape is flattering on all body types and looks great paired with leg warmers. Perfect for the chilly winter months!

Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

Eco-friendly water bottles

These one liter water bottles from Enviro are toxic-free, BPA-free, biodegradable, and recyclable. You are going to need a water bottle, so you might as well stay hydrated while keeping the earth and your body happy!


Gifts for Advanced Yoginis

Dragonfly Yoga Sak

Dragonfly Yoga Sak

The Yoga Sak by Dragonfly Yoga will carry ALL of your yoga props, mats, accessories... just about anything you can think of, in one of its 10+ pockets and compartments!

Dragonfly Jacket

Dragonfly Jacket

The Yoga Jacket by Dragonfly Yoga just arrived at our warehouse this week. Super warm for chilly yoga studios, it will keep your muscles nice and toasty through sun salutations and warm-ups. Cut long in the trunk to keep mid-body skin from being exposed. Long arms have thumb holes so your hands stay warm!

Performance Pro Mat

Dragonfly Performance Pro Mat

The Performance Pro Mat by Dragonfly Yoga is the best of the best. Touted by professionals and teachers, this mat is rigid, has a fabric-like slip free surface, and closed cell composite makes it easy to clean.


Gifts for Yogis (Men)

PERK UP! T-Spheres Massage Balls

t-spheres massage balls

These are great to use on your yogi-minded boyfriend. Infused with Peppermint Essential Oils which will reverse feelings of fatigue and uplift spirits. T-Spheres are so awesome, they were featured on the TODAY show two weeks ago! These little guys will leave your man begging for more. "A little lower, please. To the right. Further to the right. Yep, just... Yeahhhhhh……." I can hear him now! Plus, they can be used as a self-massage tool and are easily portable.

Extra Wide / Extra Long 1/4'' Deluxe Yoga Mat

extra wide extra long 1/4 inch deluxe yoga mat

Yoga Accessories' Extra Wide/Extra Long Mat is great for those who have broad shoulders, are taller, or need extra room. Popular among men. Made from our extra thick durable PVC -- built to last. Standard yoga mats measure 1/8" high x 68" Long x 24" Wide. This big boy is 1/4" thick x 84" Long (7 feet!) x 36" Wide (3 feet!). You won't find a larger individual-sized mat on the 'net if you tried.

Yogitoes New Big Size SKIDLESS Yoga Towel

Yogitoes big size skidless yoga towel

Let's face it: men tend to sweat and drip a little more than women. Men love this large hot yoga towel from Yogitoes. Great for a larger size mat, and the silicone dots adorning the bottom ensure your towel stays in place on the mat.


Gifts for Teachers and Studio Owners

Custom Print Anything!

custom printing

Build your brand, stand out from the crowd, and keep your mats and props from getting mixed up with outside accessories by screen printing your name or logo on yoga mats, water bottles, straps, blocks, and even a few choices of t-shirts (men and women).

YOGA Accessories 1/4" Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat Roll (105 feet)

1/4 inch extra thick deluxe yoga mat roll

Save BIG when you order yoga mats by roll. Cut them yourself with our rotary cutters!

Singing Bowls

singing bowls

What better way to bring your class in or out of Shavasana than with the beautiful and wholesome sound of a singing bowl. Our brass bowls include a striker and are simple to use. The perfect primer to a closing "AUM".


Gifts for Hot Yoga

Performance Pro Mat

Dragonfly Performance Pro Mat

The Performance Pro Mat by Dragonfly Yoga is the best of the best. Touted by professionals and teachers, this mat is rigid, has a fabric-like slip free surface, and closed cell composite makes it easy to clean. Engineered with hot yoga in mind, because sweaty hands and feet won't slip, keeping you safe. Hot yoga is hard enough. A truly sticky mat will free your mind to concentrate on your intent and maintaining proper form and alignment.

Bikram Balance Original Greens

Bikram Balance Original Greens

Power up your health smoothie with a scoopful of Antioxidant-rich veggie and fruit powder. Yum yum yum. Stay satisfied and energized throughout that sweaty 90 minute practice with a health boost from Bikram Balance. Also available in fruit-based.

Enduracool Instant Cooling Towel

enduracool instant cooling towel

Could you dream up a more perfect hot yoga product? This hand-sized towel works like magic in a Bikram setting: the super absorbent microfiber-like fabric absorbs sweat from the body. Then, magic happens again as the patented CoolCore radiator-like fiber turns the sweat into a cold, wet towel that refreshes and rejuvenates, staying cold for up to two hours!


Gifts for Meditation Enthusiasts

Color Aromas Chakra Balancing Aura Mister

Color aromas chakra balancing aura mister

One of my favorite teachers mists her students with Lavender aromatherapy spray once we are snuggled into Savasana. Such peace, serenity, relaxation. Wow!

Spiky Bliss Deluxe Acupressure Mat

TheraMat Spiky Bliss Deluxe Acupressure Mat with Memory Foam

Are you ready for this? Here we have a memory foam mat that stretches from your lower back to the head, covered in 10,500 sharp points (think: bed of nails). This might not sound relaxing, but acupuncture and acupressure have been used for thousands of years to relieve a slew of health issues: insomnia, muscle spasms, headaches, pain management, poor circulation and more. Get ready for a surge of endorphins and oxytocin, some of the body's all-natural feel good chemicals, released with the aid of this meditation tool.

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

Himalayan salt crystal lamp

Add a gorgeous handmade lamp to the ambiance of any meditative room. This handmade lamp, hand-chiseled out of 250 million year old crystals, radiates warm colors of yellow, amber, and red… adding natural energy to the spirit of your space. These crystals are believed to neutralize EMF's, electromagnetic fields that possibly contain negative, entrapped spirits.


Gifts for Children and Teens

Custom Embroidered 1/4" Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat

custom embroidered yoga mat

Did you know we can custom embroider your daughter's name on our best-selling mat? Older kids, preteens, teens, and college students love seeing their name adorning their new yoga mat in their favorite colors. Sorority sisters will be calling you begging for information on how to create their own! What a great gift. Our embroidery is clean and fresh-looking. We embroider only our best selling, extra thick quarter inch yoga mat: 22 mat color options, five thread color choices, and five font choices! Arrives individually wrapped and ready to gift.

The Fun Yoga Mat for Kids

Fun Yoga Mat for Kids

What is more precious than watching your child smile in down dog on their very first yoga mat? The Fun Yoga Mat for Kids by Yoga Accessories comes in three whimsical patterns. Hook your mini-me up with a mat you wouldn't mind using yourself. This one is extra thick at a quarter inch high, the same width as a standard mat (24 inches), but is a bit shorter at 60 inches long. Plus, it's latex, phthalate, and chemical free. Yay!

Simbi Hair Bracelets

simbi hair bracelets

Hair bracelets, like these, are all the rage among older kids (middle school and high school-aged girls). They are soft hair ties that double as stylish bracelets. You could go out and pick up a pack from Target, but Yoga Accessories likes to support nonprofits and charities such as Simbi, the Haitian company that hand makes each bracelet. Because they are handmade, each one is completely unique! Plus, the company provides the impoverished Haitian people with one gallon of purified, clean drinking water for every Simbi sold. Your kid will love the fashion, you will love the great cause.


If you aren't finding something on my list that sparked your fancy, you can always opt for our instant-gratification GIFT CERTIFICATE, available in $25, $50, $75, or $100 denominations. Certificates will be emailed to the recipient immediately and are stored and tracked electronically.

By: Jessica Adams (G+)

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