The spine is important. It's a simple concept, but one that bares repeating. It holds your weight, allows movement and transfers information to the rest of the body. In order to keep a healthy spine and therefore a healthier body, we've cherry picked 4 poses easy enough to incorporate into any routine.
Happy Spine = Happy All the Time.

Cat / Cow Pose

There's a reason many instructors use these two in warm ups. The poses provide gentle and easy transition from the ever complicated outer world to the interior. The ease of this pose means that you can do it just about anywhere without the need to warm up first. Think of it as pushing the spine back in place when something feels out of sink. Extending the spine feels oh so good.

Added Benefit: You can totally do this pose sitting at your desk if you don't feel comfortable or can't get on the floor. As with the regular pose, push your belly forward and shoulders back on the inhale while keeping your chin up, and on the exhale invert that position. This is great when you need  a little break in the middle of a project.

Half Lord of the Fishes

Have you ever wanted a really deep stretch? Like an "I've been sitting for five hours" kind of stretch (p.s. please don't sit for five hours. That sounds terrible for you and your body.) The Half Lord of the Fishes is a seated twist with the goal of loosening up stiffness and releasing tight muscles. It's absolutely beautiful. The healthy lengthening of the spine is just one of many things this pose does for the body. Feel the stretch in the outer hips while opening the chest. All of these things are good.

Extended Puppy

Downward Dog and Child's pose crossed paths and this is the result. Yes, it is two great poses in one. This pose is starts in a kneel. While keeping thighs perpendicular to the ground, reach as far forward and down as possible, pressing your chest to the ground creating an wonderful arch of the spine.

Each of these poses can easily be incorporated into your routine. Give your spine and your brain and stretch break. You deserve it. 

What are your favorite spine tinglers?


By: Jessica Adams (G+)