5 Ways To Make Your Yoga Students Happy

As a student, attending routine yoga classes at a favorite local studio offers me a familiar escape each week that benefits my health on a variety of different levels. I go for the instructor, but also for the style of class offered and the time of day best suited for my schedule.

As an instructor, I notice when students’ attendance slowly fades, until I realize those same students don’t only just attend that one studio for their weekly classes or chose to switch memberships completely. This is difficult for teachers who rely on attendance for their support from the studio.   

So why do students make that choice, and in what ways can a studio avoid losing clients as well as invite more new students to join their schedule?

First and foremost, I would consider your staff and attendance per instructor. While all instructors offer different values and teaching styles, some may not best suit your particular studio. Try switching the schedule around to see if it’s just the time of day that a few low attendance classes are offered, or perhaps a reassessment of your team is needed.

In addition to that awareness, I have found a few tactics local successful studios have acclimated into their marketing efforts that have not only kept students intrigued, but also increased their class size.   

Freshen Up

The cleanliness of your studio matters, but also the appearance. Creating the environment desired for a retreat from the norm offers students a safe space to unwind and relax into their bodies.

Weirdly inviting… I have attended a local studio that has routinely changed out their color of products offered for student use. One month they had gray bolsters that filled their cubbies, the next it was olive green, and in October they covered their bolsters in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

Bolster covers are a fraction of the cost and are a great way to freshen up your existing studio appearance. In addition to keeping the appearance of your studio fresh, routinely replacing other products that tend to collect more bacteria overtime (like foam yoga blocks) is also a great investment for your students to feel at home.   


Branding or It Didn’t Happen

Making your studio notable, adored, and valued by all starts with branding. You’ve created the ideal environment for students in attendance, but what about as they travel back out into the community?

Custom printed yoga gear sold or offered in your studio gives students something to take with them for travel and at-home practice. Offer students a symbolic piece they can call their own, taking the studio environment with them to share with others. 

The word-of-mouth results from branding studio gear for students to use in their communities is honestly the most successful method for both sparking attention and interest while also illustrating loyalty to the safe space you’ve provided.

Yoga Accessories has offered custom printing since 1997, used professionally for both local and corporate businesses nationwide. With only a minimum of 10 pieces per order,  choose from a wide variety of yoga props and start the easy journey of branding your studio.

Implement Newness

While offering classes loved by students routinely, implementing new themes and fitness structured classes gives students something new to try, inviting them to mix things up when they get the itch to venture outward.

Yoga props like core training balls, weights, or weighted pilates balls can easily be incorporated into a yoga sequence to offer an added challenge or new class style. Ever try transitioning a core training ball from your feet to your hands in Boat pose? Add a class just for abs in the summer, or perhaps purchase sandbags for a weighted restorative workshop in the colder months. 

Fresh seasonal class styles with new props for students to use sparks their curiosity and excitement, offering them a different kind of escape from routine. A member of your studio with frequent attendance has incorporated their class schedule into their weekly routine, which becomes their ‘new norm.’ Offering fresh and new classes gives them that initial spark back from their first developed admiration for space you have provided them.      

Create a Challenge

Local studios have put up posters during a few months of the year offering students a challenge for class attendance. Whether they win a free branded piece of yoga gear/kit or class package, offering them a 30-day challenge to complete draws energy to your studio space (especially when the prize is good).

Raffle drawings where each time a student attends a class, they are allowed another ticket to throw into the pot. The more classes they attend, the more likely their name will be drawn for a prize. 

Even a workshop series of classes for students to commit to can spark energy by filling their schedule with something new, even for just the weekend. Challenge them to achieve their full potential for their practice and take things to the next level.  

Get local

As your studio may already be well-loved by the community, taking classes into other outdoor or local venues offers a change of scenery to excite student attendance.

I have attended a studio’s new rooftop morning yoga class, which was very scenic and exciting because of the space they chose to freshen things up. Coordinating with local parks and events to include your studio in is another great way to show not only how much you are valued by the community, but also how much you return that appraisal. 

This is also another great method to invite potential new clients in, creating brand awareness and orienting your studio with other treasured businesses and activities.