What Fair Trade Means to Us

We love yoga. That's why we've been in the business of helping studios for 17 years, but we also care about people. We believe in giving workers a living wage rather than the bare minimum. We think that avoiding dangerous chemicals during the production of our goods is the right thing to do, not only for the people who help make our props, but for the planet.

To us, fair trade means that 10 year old girls go to school, not work. It means that our manufacturing facilities stay in Taiwan, a country where freedom is valued over conformity. It means that we get Christmas cards from our manufacturing workers every year.  Happy people produce the best props.

Yoga is about taking care of one's heart and mind. Our hearts are in the business of making yoga better for our communities, for our workers, and our environment. We'd like to challenge you to buy fair trade. You may not notice the difference immediately. Goods may cost a tiny bit more, but someone else in the world will thank you.  

By: Jessica Adams (G+)