Apple cider vinegar has long been a top home cure for everything from skin problems to indigestion. Thousands of years after Hippocrates first used the tonic to boost his health, ordinary individuals are still experiencing its numerous benefits. Whether you apply it topically or sneak it into your diet, you'll benefit greatly from the use of this seemingly magic elixir.

The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Improved Nutrient Absorption

You strive to maintain a healthy diet, but have yet to see the benefits of those healthy choices. Poor nutrient absorption could be to blame, especially if your stomach doesn't naturally produce enough acid. A little apple cider vinegar can improve your body's ability to absorb everything from calcium to vitamin B6.

Reduced Blood Sugar Spikes

Sweets are never good for your diet, but their impact can be reduced somewhat if you consume apple cider vinegar first. Instead of experiencing a prompt blood sugar spike, you'll undergo a more gradual increase in blood sugar.

Weight Loss

Research indicates that apple cider vinegar has a mild calorie blocking effect. While it is not advisable to rely on this effect while eating large meals, it can certainly help as you strive to lose weight. Furthermore, your likelihood of overindulging after mealtime will be significantly reduced if you consume apple cider vinegar while eating, as it helps you remain full longer.

Relief For Indigestion

If you typically use antacids for indigestion, it may be time to change up your approach. It seems counterintuitive, but apple cider vinegar can actually ease acid reflux by introducing more acid into your system. Use apple cider vinegar as an indigestion preventative before you sit down to eat.


It's not effective for everyone, but for some acne sufferers, apple cider vinegar can spell the difference between a heavily spotted face and clear skin. Additionally, many enthusiasts report that, when applied topically, apple cider vinegar reduces pore size and fades acne scars.

How to Incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar Into Your Daily Routine

Knowing the benefits of apple cider vinegar is one thing, but actually incorporating it into your average day can be a bit of a struggle, especially if you're put off by its taste or smell. Fortunately, there are several options for sneaking apple cider vinegar into your day.

Mix With Fruit Juice

Fruit juice isn't great for your diet, but in moderation, it's not a big deal -- especially if you sneak in a little apple cider vinegar.

Use as Salad Dressing

Looking for a healthy and affordable alternative to your usual ranch or blue cheese dressing? Give apple cider vinegar a try. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar with a teaspoon or two of olive oil and toss with a fresh salad.

Marinades and Glazes

Vinegar-based glazes and marinades are both delicious and healthy. Apple cider vinegar works great as a marinade for chicken, especially when mixed with olive oil. When mixed with honey, apple cider vinegar makes a wonderful salmon glaze.

Sneak Into a Smoothie

If you're already including apple slices in your smoothie, you might as well add apple cider vinegar. It also blends nicely into smoothies featuring bananas and strawberries.

Dilute With Water For Topical Application

If you decide to use apple cider vinegar on your face or in your hair, be sure to first dilute it with water. This will reduce any stinging sensations, while also minimizing the smell. In most cases, one part apple cider and three parts water will do the trick.

A little apple cider can go a long way towards making you look and feel your best. Find a few clever ways to sneak it into your routine -- you'll be amazed by the difference it makes.