April Studio of the Month

This month, we have chosen to interview Seviin Yoga based out of Atlanta, Georgia. We know Georgia is famous for their peaches, but they should be famous for the owners of this studio, LeNaya and Branden Crawford, as well! Read on to see how this studio has changed Atlanta for the better.

Introduce yourself and Seviin Yoga Studio a bit.

Hi! We are LeNaya and Branden Crawford, owners of Seviin Yoga in Atlanta, Georgia. Seviin was born out of a love for movement, music and community. We are an all levels hot power yoga studio. No matter where you are on your yoga journey, we have a space for you! We have no mirrors in the studio, we play non traditional yoga music (hip hop, trap, neo soul, etc), we have mood lighting in the studio. We are a completely judgement free zone, everyone is welcome here no matter your level or knowledge of yoga. We pair breath with movement, and movement with music, to change what yoga has looked like for far too long. We want to make the practice of yoga more accessible, more diverse, and 100% judgement free.

What initially made the two of you get into yoga?

We both found yoga around the same time.

LeNaya: I began my yoga journey as a way to combat stress in my Masters program and I was hooked instantly!

Branden: LeNaya immediately shared this love with me at a time where I had been experiencing higher levels of stress in my career. I also immediately felt the benefits, and we knew this would be something we would want to practice as frequently as possible.

What made you want to open up a yoga studio?

The both of us were tired of not being reflected properly in yoga and wellness spaces. If we weren’t the only people of color in a yoga space, we were one of very few wherever we would go. Not just in Atlanta, but nationwide, as we have traveled to a lot of areas in the country to practice yoga. Not only did the lack of diversity in studios tire us out, but also every studio seemed to resemble one another in the way they looked, the music they played, etc. We wanted to shake the table and not only create something different and welcoming, but also necessary to our area.

How does Seviin Yoga Studio differ from other studios in general/other studios in your area?

Our studio differs from most for a few reasons. The first being that we have no mirrors, which is super uncommon in any wellness space. We wanted people to go within and truly honor their practice instead of comparing to others or judging themselves by looking in the mirror. While practicing, everyone should be present and honor who and where they are. Another difference between us and other yoga studios is that we use mood lighting. Our studio is fairly dark, with lighting tuned to the chakras. Aside from that the lighting is fun and different, it is definitely something everyone should experience! Another difference is that we play non traditional yoga music, think hip hop, rnb, Afro beats and so much more. This puts everyone in a good mood and gets us all ready to practice!

How is Seviin Yoga Studio staying busy during the pandemic?

We have shifted to offering live stream online classes. We offer a very limited amount of in person spots, paired with strict cleaning and social distancing guidelines. We are launching an all new virtual platform soon that is going to change the way online yoga is done and perceived. We want to create the same unique vibe we were able to create in the studio, in a virtual space.

Describe Seviin Yoga Studio in one word, and why that word?

Necessary. There was something missing in the wellness space and we created it. We are going to continue to grow and celebrate the beauty and the differences in yoga. If you ever felt that you weren't represented or truly accepted in a wellness space, Seviin is the space for you.

Any advice to entrepreneurs looking to open up their own studios?

Follow your gut. The best thing to do would be to create something you wish you had when you began your own yoga journey.

What would you like future potential members of Seviin Yoga Studio to know about your studio?

We don't just talk about diversity in yoga, we live it.

For more information on Seviin Yoga Studio, you can head to their website by clicking here , or call them at (404) 590-3027.

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