Yes! Guys should be excited about yoga for a plethora of reasons that make this ancient practice one that should be integrated into their workout routine. All too often, though, men have a litany of reasons for not attempting yoga. 

These can range from not being flexible enough to the practice being too boring to feeling intimidated by the complexity of the some of the poses. With patience and proper instruction, however, these hesitations can be adequately addressed. 

The result? Guys who are able to tap into the following benefits:

1. Improve flexibility, stamina and strength

There's a reason why top male athletes like Tom Brady and LeBron James are dedicated yogis. Yoga poses focus on stretching -- and holding those stretches of -- core muscle groups which, in turn, adds to their flexibility. Holding these poses also increases stamina while building those muscles. 

2. Reduce likelihood of injuries

Yoga is all about knowing the limits of the body and working with them. It is also focused on stretching the muscles. Muscles that have been adequately stretched are able to recover more quickly from the demands placed on them. 

3. Improve other workouts

The strength and flexibility gained from practicing yoga provides mean with a greater range of movement. Whether beating his top lifted weight is the goal or a guy is attempting to jump higher when shooting a basketball, yoga increases access to a larger number of muscle fibers. This provides the basis of substantially more hypertrophy or muscle enlargement. 

4. Reduce lower back pain

Guys don't have to be dedicated athletes to benefit from yoga. Men who have office jobs that involve a great deal of sitting can find a significant amount of relief from the lower back pain that often accompanies them. Because yoga emphasizes proper alignment of the back, shoulders and neck, posture improves and back pain is reduced. 

5. Destress and relax

Yoga is good for more than just improving the physical aspects of a body. It also offers mental health benefits that can make a significant impact on the stress guys often face. Inversion poses are particularly adept at reducing stress and increasing the chances of better sleep. Because yoga focuses on being aware of how the body reacts, guys who practice it improve their ability to be calm, free of anxiety and relaxed. 

6. Kick up the sex life a notch

Practicing yoga is not just about pulling the right poses and moving on to the next. It also emphasizes concentration and breathing techniques that can increase libido, endurance and performance. 

Broga -- yoga focused on the mindset of a guy -- doesn't have to embody the dreamy, feel-good hippie lifestyle. Instead, yoga can use terminology and music that recognizes that guys are different -- inside and out. Straightforward direction and a focus on movements helps guys attain the benefits of yoga without having to decipher the specifics that yogic language sometimes brings. 

How else do you suggest introducing yoga to guys?  
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