Trend Alert: Broga

You Yoga, Bro?

7-25-13: Broga is a new genre of yoga that was developed by two Boston bro's --Robert Sidoti and Adam O’Neill -- as a way to circumvent the "feminine" aspects of yoga and make yoga more appealing and conducive to men. Broga basically combines cardiovascular aspects of vinyasa style yoga classes with the muscle-toning and flexibility-building benefits that yoga provides, and throws in plenty of floor exercises like squats and pushups. This new style gets rid of the chanting, heavy breathing practice, sanskrit names of poses, and the beneficial Shavasana pose at the end of most yoga classes. All of this, the co-founders say, makes yoga more appealing and palatable to men.

“The issue,” O’Neill told, “is that yoga has been primarily marketed to middle-age housewives.” According to their introductory video, “Most guys feel that if you can’t touch their toes, you can’t do yoga. In fact, it’s simply not true.” The video adds, “The focus is on strengthening the back, shoulders, arms, and chest -- while improving core strength and flexibility where guys need it most.” There are several classes in Massachusetts, one in Missouri, and one in New York.