How to clean a Jade Yoga Mat?


Jade yoga mats are all open-cell, which means their materials are porous and absorb water like a sponge. There are benefits to an open cell design: they are a lot “stickier” and enhance traction and stability because moisture doesn’t pool on the surface. The one major drawback is that these types of mat are breeding grounds for bacteria and collect odorous moisture. This problem can be solved with regular maintenance. Every time you use your Jade mat, wipe the mat down with a designated yoga mat cleaner (a pre-moistened wipe or a spray with a towel). Or, wipe the surface down well with a rag dipped in a warm water mixed with a diluted mild soap -- such as castile soap (Dr. Bronner’s) or organic soap or detergent.

Deep Clean

A deep cleansing will need to be done occasionally; the frequency of which will depend on how often you practice. This will be every few months at least, when you start to notice a little bit of a funky smell coming from your mat or if your mat seems to be losing some of it’s grippiness. A deep cleaning will eliminate odors and restore the original stickiness. Again, open cell mats are essentially giant, dense sponges, so prepare for a long drying time period (a couple days) before you begin. There are three ways we would recommend deep cleaning your mat:

  1. You can wash your mat by soaking it in a bathtub filled with warm water and diluted mild soap or laundry detergent. Some people use water and a little bit (200 mL) of white vinegar. Make sure that after you soak your mat, you rinse it thoroughly to get all of the soap out -- otherwise, your mat will be slick with soapy residue! Hang your mat up on the shower curtain rod to dry.
  2. You can wash your mat outside with a hose, soap, and a soft scrubby brush (nothing too abrasive). This is a little bit messy and kind of impractical but it works. Just make sure NOT (repeat: DO NOT) to dry your mat outside or leave it outside or in the sun for any reason! The sun will discolor your mat and the heat/humidity might cause it to warp and not lay flat. To dry your Jade yoga mat, hang it up on a shower curtain rod or drying rack inside.
  3. If you have a front-loading washing machine, you can wash your Jade mat in the machine on the gentle cycle as long as you do not use an agitator. Normal laundry detergent can be used, just make sure not to use any oils, solvents, or harsh abrasives. The drying procedure should be the same: hang on shower rod or lay flat. Do not dry in the dryer!