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Disco Yoga

Trend Alert: Disco Yoga

Have you ever been to disco bowling? Also known as 'cosmic bowling', the alley turns the lights off at 11 p.m., turns on the strobes and black lights, and cranks out glow in the dark bowling balls? It's pretty fun, but you know what's even better? Disco Yoga! I've named this new yoga studio trend for it's similarities and parallels to disco bowling. Some call it 'electric yoga', others call it 'glow yoga' or 'cosmic yoga'. The lights of the studio are dimmed, the hour is late, and unconventional lighting (strobe lights, disco balls, black lights, neon laser lights, and those spinning colorful LED lamps) transform the typically tranquil and serene setting of a yoga studio into something that looks a lot more like a nightclub or rave scene. Participants don neon clothing (flashdance-style legwarmers are not uncommon), glowsticks, and even neon glow in the dark body paint! The result you might just have to see to believe. These classes are typically not regularly-scheduled classes but instead are more often fundraiser community classes held as a “special event". We'd like to see a disco yoga flash mob!

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