Expand This Moment by John Selby

Expand This Moment by John Selby

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Forty years ago, the legendary philosopher Alan Watts challenged then-graduate student John Selby to undertake a bold project: "to study the world's great meditation traditions as a psychologist from the inside out; identify the underlying psychological process common to those traditions; and then go out and teach this universal process to whoever might want to learn it." For those past forty years John Selby has combined in-depth research into cognitive science with practical wisdom from his lifelong experience practicing and teaching meditation to his students and therapy clients.

Now Selby presents a remarkable summation of his work, using twelve universal "Focus Phrases" that predictably elicit deep experience and realization. Expand This Moment departs from traditional long-form meditation guides by presenting a short daily practice that suits our busy lives. Selby's process uses his twelve unique Focus Phrases to quickly stimulate inner awakening, healing, insight and peace.

The twelve Focus Phrases:

Phase 1: Zen Awakening
1: "I choose to enjoy this moment."
2: "I feel the air flowing in and out of my nose."
3: "I also feel the movements in my chest and belly."
4: "I'm aware of my whole body here in this present moment."

Phase 2: Emotional Healing
5: "I am open to experience the feelings in my heart."
6: "I let go of all my stress and worries and feel peaceful inside."
7: "I accept everyone I know -- just as they are."
8: "I honor and love myself just as I am."

Phase 3: Insight & Action
9: "I am open ... to receive ..."
10: "I feel connected with my source."
11: "I'm here to serve, to love, to prosper, & enjoy myself."
12: "I am ready to act with courage and integrity."

Selby's short-form process can be completed in just 5 minutes--and have lasting impact. His Focus Phrases gently insert positive messages into a person's ongoing inner dialogue, promoting spiritual development, emotional healing, and core success.

"These 12 Focus Phrases," Selby concludes, "are now my daily meditation practice. They also stay with me all day long so that I can be more aware, more 'here and now', all the time!"

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