Flight Nightmare

guy eating for plane

So you think you're having a bad Monday?

Maybe my weekend experience will make you feel better.

I had a week break off from college which coincidentally, coincided perfectly with one of my good friends moving to Denver, CO.

Taking a leap, I decided to book a last minute ticket to Denver for the majority of the week. Travel while you're young, right?

I found tickets that were insanely cheap- I'm talking $49 each way from Denver to Raleigh. If I left at 6am Wednesday morning from Raleigh, I could leave Sunday at 11:55pm and arrive back in Raleigh by 5am Monday morning.


I arrived in Denver, and my friend's apartment was smaller than I had anticipated... Much smaller.

I'm talking one room small. The only door to the place was the one to a very small bathroom. If I haven't mentioned it yet, my friend is a guy.

I have absolutely no issue with visiting a purely platonic friend of the opposite sex for a week- but sleeping next to each other in the same room without even a curtain of separation and living together in this box for the next 5 days? I immediately began to feel a little uneasy, already missing the comforts of my home.

Sunday evening rolls around, and with minimal living issue- my air mattress deflating by the morning every night, sharing close quarters with a semi-gross boy and having to go outside if you wanted to have a moment alone- I had successfully made it through the week.

Making it successfully through the week doesn't mean I wasn't at my wits end, however. Ready to return home I went online Sunday night to check into my flight... Plot twist, there was no flight.

No flight? Yeah, no flight.

When I booked my ticket it said my return time was 5:10am Monday morning.

Somewhere, something glitched. The computer now said I was leaving Monday at 11:55pm and was returning Monday 5:10am. Not knowing when I was leaving and feeling a slow panic attack begin to build its way up through my lungs, I immediately began to call the airline.

15 minutes later of an automated woman never sending me to a real person even though I hit "0" repeatedly (the robot responded, "yes I understand you want to speak to a representative." And then proceeded to transfer me nowhere, every.single.time.

After hanging up and trying several other numbers and waiting for a very long time, a human finally answered.

After explaining the situation, the representative confirmed I indeed was on the wrong flight- my new flight was now Monday at 11:55pm, with an arrival time of 5:10am in Raleigh. The rep told me they had seats available for the correct time, my original flight, 11:55pm Sunday night- for the small transfer fee of $200.

$200 to transfer me to a flight that I was already booked for and THEY had messed up.

My response: Are you freaking kidding me?

Their response: No.

Aside from [boarderline desperately] wanting to leave; taking the next flight would have been impossible. The friend I was staying with was leaving that a night for work trip and wouldn't be in the city. I had nowhere to stay even if I had wanted, so I did was any sensible 22 year old does.

I called the airline again and semi-hysterically argued that it was of upmost importance that I needed to return Monday morning and I was a poor college student and they couldn't charge me $200 and for the love of God have some mercy.

$50 dollars deducted from my ticket price later, and I took it.

So, $150 dollars wasted later, I headed to the airport.

Once having boarded the plane and taken my seat, I breathed a sigh of relief. 'Nothing you can do now, in the morning call the airline and demand a refund for their mistake,' I told myself.

delayed flight

The flight attendant interrupted my thoughts as he came on over the speakers, "Welcome to Frontier Airlines! We hope all of you have had a great stay in Denver, and are looking forward to having you on our flight to Greensboro, NC!"



As we took off, the attendant proceeded to sing a song over the intercom and said he hoped our flight wouldn't turn into a cruise (meaning, if we crashed into water.)

I wish I was making this up.

Have any flight nightmares for yourself? Share them in the comments below!

authorSky Andersen holds down the role of blog writer at Yoga Accessories. Currently studying Public Relations at Virginia Commonwealth University, she writes for many different publications and is passionate about all things photography, travel and of course- yoga.