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High School Ban on Yoga Pants

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Pro or No: High School Ban on Yoga Pants
Yoga Community News

If you google “yoga pants", the top link is a website featuring pictures of women in tight yoga pants. Presumably, this is a website for men. Women like myself view yoga pants as a practical solution to … well, everything. They are comfortable enough to sleep in, attractive enough to wear to the mall, are versatile enough to match practically any tank top or t-shirt, and are perfect for the gym. Because they are so flattering on pretty much anyone, men really like yoga pants, too -- but for different reasons. Everyone loves yoga pants, including high school students. So when administrators at a high school in Rockport, Massachusetts decided to ban the pants, they inadvertently sparked a heated debate. According to the school, yoga pants are considered leggings, which are not allowed to be worn without some type of covering (like a skirt). Critics of this decision think the ban is silly -- yoga pants are thicker than typical leggings. Although they usually fit tight around the thighs and derriere, many are bootcut-- making them just as revealing than a normal pair of pants. Black yoga pants obscure detailing in curves and underwear lines. One student argued that by making this decision, administrators are calling undeserved attention to something that was never an issue in the first place. Even parents argued that the ‘non-issue’ was blown out of proportion.

The ban was so unpopular, that just after three school days, officials reversed their decision and as yesterday, students were back in their yoga digs for classes.

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