Whether you're a novice who can barely touch your toes or an experienced yogi, taking your yoga practice on the road can be an amazing experience. Yoga gives you a chance to center yourself, relax and eliminate any of the stresses of travelling

Doing yoga on the road also keeps you in tune with your regular workout routine. Luckily, it's easy to take yoga on the road. Here's some tips to help:

1. Be willing to embrace yoga in a variety of forms and settings.

Travelling should be an adventure, and ideally, yoga on the road should be part of that adventure. Be flexible about your practice. 

Depending on your travel plans, itinerary and the amenities available in your destination, you may end up doing yoga alone in your hotel room, on the beach with a soulful group of strangers, at the top of mountain peaks with your travel buddy, with the host of your AirBnB or in multiple other settings. 

Be open to any and all of those experiences -- flexibility is a must while travelling.

2. Plan yoga into your journey.

So that yoga actually happens during your travels, pencil it into your itinerary. While booking accommodations and sightseeing tours, look for local yoga classes. If you like, consider turning your entire trip into a yoga-fueled getaway by heading to a yoga retreat or staying at a hotel or resort that offers yoga classes on site.

In other cases, get to see how the locals live by booking yourself into local classes -- depending on where you are going, you may be able to book classes online before you get there, or you may just need to leave free time in your plans so that you can find a small yoga class or studio once you arrive.

If organized classes aren't your cup of tea, keep available time free to do yoga on your own. Don't jam pack your itinerary. Instead, ensure you have time to do yoga in the morning or during other downtimes on your vacation.

3. Download your favorite yoga podcasts or videos.

If you love to do yoga on your own but also like a bit of guidance, download some yoga podcasts or videos onto your phone or tablet. That way, even if you are out of the service area and don't have a signal, you can still watch or listen to a yoga instructor guide you through the poses. All you need is a bit of battery charge on your device and your basic yoga equipment.

4. Pack yoga gear and don't be afraid to use items for multiple purposes.

Yoga retreats or organized classes may provide all the equipment you need for your practice besides clothes, but in most other cases, you need a bit of gear. Don't forget to pack your comfortable yoga clothes or just some loose fitting pants or shorts and a tank top or t-shirt. Also, bring a yoga mat. Retailers sell mini mats just for travelling, or if you have a full-size mat, you can carry it onto the plane with your as a carry-on bag.

Alternatively, if you have limited room in your luggage, double up and use items for multiple purchases. For example, buy a thick absorbent towel that works as your beach towel as well as your yoga mat or use your yoga outfit as pajamas. If you're backpacking for a few months or just like to travel light, these tips can help.

5. Find yoga poses you can do in small spaces.

In some cases, your ability to do yoga may be limited by the amount of available space you have in your hotel or hostel room. To make yoga possible in these spaces, look into poses that don't require a lot of room. Make a list of your favorites and focus on that as your practice while travelling.

Yoga is fabulous regardless of where you are, but it can be even more fun on the road. If you are travelling, you don't have to leave your yoga practice at home. Just integrate the above tips into your journey and hit the road!