Here’s how to make sure your body is aligned in Warrior I:

  • Start with your right foot pointed directly to the front of your mat. Then step your left leg back and turn your left foot at an angle to the front left corner of your mat. Feet should be a few feet apart, with heel to heel alignment.

  • Next, turn your hips so that both hips are facing towards the front of the room. If this is impossible, step your right foot out to the right a little bit. This will make your feet be about hips distance apart instead of having heel to heel alignment, which is fine.

  • Then, bend your right knee just over the right ankle. Keep the left leg straight and strong, engaging the quad.
  • Reach the arms forward and up, palms facing towards each other.
  • Lift up and out of your waistline while pulling your naval in towards your spine.

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