As the weather gets warmer, running or walking outside becomes more appealing. Here are some tips to add strength training to your workout while you’re outside in a park: Puch ups and tricep dips on a bench are excellent ways to work your arms and your chest. For push-ups, place your hands on the bench, head towards the bench and feet away. Bend your elbows and lower your chest down towards the bench, and then push up. For tricep dips, turn away from the bench and place your hands on the bench, fingers facing towards you. With your knees bent (for beginners) or straight (more advanced), keep your feet on the ground, and bend your elbows then press up for the exercise. o You can also work your legs on a park bench: Step up onto the bench with your right foot, and lift your left leg up behind you to work the glute, then step back onto the ground with your left foot. Repeat 10 times per leg. o If there are picnic tables, you can lie down on a table or on the bench and do abdominal crunches.

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