Fruit Infusions

Hydration is incredibly important for all forms of physical activity, but particularly for yoga. Hot yoga participants are particularly prone to dehydration, which in addition to making poses more difficult to complete, can ultimately prove dangerous. The rule of thumb for yoga hydration should be an extra eight ounces for each hour of activity. Unfortunately, achieving sufficient water intake is easier said than done. Consider sneaking in a little extra water with these helpful hints:


Hydrate Before Yoga Class

It can be difficult to remember to take water breaks during yoga class, but if advance preparation is taken, fewer of these breaks will be required. The day before an intense yoga session, be sure to consume a minimum of 64 ounces of fluid, ideally at regular intervals throughout the day.


Amp Up The Flavor

No matter how refreshing, some people find it difficult to drink tasteless water. Sometimes, the best way to up fluid consumption is to infuse a bit of flavor into an otherwise dull bottle of water. Consider adding a slice of lemon to each bottle of water. Fruits of all kinds are great additions to water bottles. Try Cucumbers and strawberries, or if you're feeling tropical, pineapple and peach infusions are a treat! Get creative.


Choose Snacks With High Water Content

Staying hydrated is particularly difficult during long yoga workshops and vacation getaways when, instead of an extra eight ounce of water, several dozen additional ounces may be required. In addition to drinking throughout the day, consider recharging with snacks that naturally contain plenty of water. Cucumbers, watermelon and tomatoes are excellent choices.


Limit Sodium-Heavy Foods

In addition to eating foods with high water concentrations, it is equally important to avoid anything high in sodium. This means no snacking on chips or pretzels between classes. The day before yoga, be sure to also avoid alcohol and soda, as these also have a dehydrating effect.


Hydration does not merely take place during yoga class. It is important to drink frequently and consume foods with plenty of water well before class begins. Advance preparation should include packing an enjoyable beverage such as a low-calorie sports drink.



By: Jessica Adams (G+)