Introduction to Universal Yoga with Andrey Lappa - DVD

Introduction to Universal Yoga with Andrey Lappa - DVD

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Universal Yoga is a unified scientific approach to achieving liberation of consciousness through a balanced application of physical, energetic and psychic practices. This system reflects Andrey Lappa's experience with spiritual teachers of the Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist traditions of the Himalayas, his decades of personal practice and research, and his belief in complete freedom and creativity in practice.

This DVD features two hours of edited lectures on the theory of Universal Yoga as well as a special 2-hour practice designed just for this DVD that includes asana, pranayama, yasas and meditation.

Practice Highlights include:

  • Development of all directions of mobility of each main joint of the body
  • A balanced combination of static fixations and dynamic movements
  • A balanced combination of strengthening and stretching exercises
  • Rotation of the body in multi-dimensional space
  • Posture options appropriate for experienced yoga students of different ability levels
  • Pranayamas and guided relaxation and meditation
  • Advanced asana demonstration with Andrey

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