Keep Calm and Practice Yoga

The key to personal success in my life has been finding calm and inner peace in any given situation, regardless of how stressful or unpleasant my tasks at hand may seem. I am naturally impatient – that's putting it nicely – and seem to always be going full-throttle. I like fast cars, a fast-paced urban lifestyle, and often find myself doing ten things at once at any given time of the day. Daily yoga practice has helped to slow me down long enough to prioritize and multitask more efficiently. It also helps quell these feelings of heightened emotional sensitivity when I need it most.

Dharma is one of the most important cosmic and spiritual traditions of Hinduism; Kanad Rishi in Vaisesika Darsan describes Dharma as “that righteous conduct which elevates a human being to a higher level of interaction; thereby, one attains selflessness and is free from selfishness.” Those who follow this path should cultivate the ten characteristics of Dharma. The first of which is patience. Patience is a virtue that takes time to cultivate. It is instinctually contrary to our modern, fast-paced society. In this environment it is crucial to be able to take a step back, take a deep breathe, and let life happen when it happens. Sometimes, we have to be able to let go of total control. Through this practice, we slowly develop patience.

Whether your thoughts are racing, you are stuck in traffic, or on hold with the cable company for 45 minutes, keep in mind that we practice yoga to slow down. Some days it may seem like we don't even have a moment to pencil in a bathroom break, much less squeeze in an hour-long yoga practice … so take this moment to honor yourself! You can quickly change your negative state of mind into a positive experience by putting that call on speaker phone and busting out your favorite mat; or, ignore the flood of brake lights, change the obnoxious radio to a meditation CD, and take a deep breath. Look past the bleak perspectives and notice the beauty in your surroundings. offers several products that will help you let go of your aham (ego) and submit to total relaxation.

Relaxation Kit Stress Relief Kit
Relaxation kit stress relief kit