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  1. Is there really a lifetime warranty? Yes, this is the last yoga mat you’ll ever buy!

    • We sell the highest quality yoga mats you can find anywhere. Ask any instructor where they get yoga mats from, and see who they use. More people in the yoga industry use our yoga mats than any other yoga mat. We are so confident in the quality of our yoga mats that we now offer a lifetime warranty! Another industry first from YOGAaccessories. This is the last yoga mat you will ever have to buy!

  2. How thick is the mat? Many 1/4'' yoga mats are less than 1/4'' thick!

    • Our 1/4'' yoga mats are at least a full 1/4'' (6mm) thick. Due to manufacturing variances ours may even be slightly thicker! To save money on manufacturing materials, many yoga mats sold by other manufacturers offer a ''so called'' 1/4'' yoga mat that can be as little as 4.5mm (3/16'') thick or even less. We give you 25% more mat for your money! If you ask these unscrupulous manufacturers, they often explain it as ''shrinkage''. This translates into a yoga mat that will not support you as well and will wear out sooner.

  3. How long is the yoga mat? Don't get ''shorted'' on length!

    • Lengths vary greatly. There are specialty yoga mats that are short, extra wide, and extra long, but what about the length of the ''regular'' or ''standard'' yoga mat? Make sure you ask for the exact length. Our standard mat length is 74''. Most yoga mats sold today are only 72'' and many mats you may get at Walmart™ or Target™ are often only 68''. Even a 2'' difference can mean a great deal when holding a full length pose. You want your entire body, from the tips of your fingers to the end of your toes on the yoga mat.

  4. How much does it weigh? Weight is quality!

    • The quality of the foam used to produce the yoga mat is determined by the weight of the mat; a heavier mat is a higher quality yoga mat. Realize that two yoga mats of the same approximate size may have different weights, and the heavier yoga mat wins the quality challenge hands down (no pun intended). Again, lower weight means less materials in the yoga mat, and lower cost to produce. Our 1/4'' Extra Thick Deluxe 74'' yoga mat weighs in at a whopping 3.6lbs. Our mats can weigh up to 20% more than similar yoga mats that weight in at as little as 3lbs or less. Don't be tricked by "shipping weight", which is higher than actual weight because it includes boxes and packaging.

  5. How sticky is it? Tacky is in!

    • If you are into dynamic yoga exercises such as Ashtanga, Iyengar, or Power Yoga, you need mats that are called sticky mats. These yoga mats have a tacky feel to them and prevent slippage. While there are several sticky yoga mats available, the tackiness adds to the cost of the materials. You do not want a yoga mat that will slip. A good quality yoga mat will increase in softness and stickiness with each use. They start out mildly sticky and increase in stickiness the more they are used.

  6. Is the mat safe? Needs to be Lead and Phthalate free!

    • The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 requires all manufacturers and importers to meet new federal guidelines pertaining to the allowable quantities of harmful substances, specifically lead and phthalates, in their products. Our yoga mats meet these new requirements. Ask your supplier for proof of testing and compliance as required under the law.

  7. What about the company? Is there a difference?

    • We are different. We plant a tree with each order you place to help our future generations. We are also a proud supporter of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, as well as over 12 other worthwhile organizations. We do this all from profits we receive from your valued business. Please continue to help us help others. There is no additional cost to you.