Mission Athlete Care Enduracool Hoodie

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Mission Athlete Care Enduracool Hoodie
Part Number: Y0F6ENDHODBK
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One size fits most
When wet, cools instantly to 30 degrees
UPF 50 protection from the sun
When wet, stays cool for up to 2 hours
Reusable and machine washable

Sick and tired of an itchy, sweat-soaked scalp when you are on the field or in the game? Misson’s Enduracool Hoodie will fit under a helmet or right over your scalp on the sidelines, keeping your hot head cool by an extra 30 degrees for two hours. The ultra-absorbent microfiber is moisture-activated and is cut to perfectly sit comfortably on the crown of the head so you can stay in the game and maximize performance.

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