Mission Athlete Care Power-Grip Liquid Chalk

Mission Athlete Care Power-Grip Liquid Chalk

Price: $9.99
Part Number:Y0F6POWRGRIP

Liquid chalk technology

Instantly enhances grip for use on hands or gloves in a quick drying/non sticky gel

Absorbs moisture without drying out your hands

Convenient size to travel with and keep in or near your equipment bag at all times

"MISSION Ultra-Grip is a game-changer. It keeps my hands dry and my grip tight. I don't tee off without it - and my game is better because of it." MIS

If you suffer from sweaty palms during your fitness routine (who doesn’t!?), there is finally a practical and easy-to-use alternative to liquid chalk. Mission’s Power Grip, featuring Liquid Chalk Technology, is perfect for baseball, elliptical, rock climbing and more. Powder chalk is not always available or practical. That’s where Power Grip comes in. Powder Grip’s active ingredient is silica, also one of the main components of chalk. The bottle filled with liquid powder is convenient and portable, great for any gym bag.

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