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Our Favorite Yoga Accessories Gifts Under $50!

Posted by Sky Andersen on 11/20/2016
Yoga Gear
yoga kit

Why We Love It:

Perfect for the beginning yogi.
Includes mat, strap, yoga mat bag, 3" foam yoga blocks and traditional Mexican yoga blanket.
Four colors to choose from.
Why We Love It:

It's Pink!
It's Skye from Paw Patrol!
Makes doing yoga fun for kids.
Eco-approved and chemical-free.


Why We Love It:

It's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
It's Michelangelo from TMNT!
Makes doing yoga fun for kids.
Eco-approved and chemical-free.


hot yoga towel
Why We Love It:

Fits over your yoga mat.
Keeps hands and feet dry during practice.
Slip resistant, bottom is rubber-like and eco friendly.
Weightless and thin for easy transportation.

Why We Love It:

Razorback cut with red, white, and black braiding
Breathable and comfortable fit that complements any pose you do
Makes you look good while you do yoga! :-)

Why We Love It:

Exfoliates dead skin cells, visibly increasing blood circulation.
Leaves skin replenished, moisturized and glowing.
Hand made and lightly scented.
face scrub

Why We Love It:

100% vegetarian, organic and natural.
Exfoliates skin gently and naturally.
Removes dead skin cells and leaves skin soft, healthy and glowing.
Great for all skin types.
Why We Love It:

Re-invigorate's skin, shrink pores and re-hydrates skin.
Using as a daily toner during natural beauty routine helps re-balance the pH levels of your skin.
Reduces signs of aging.
bath salts
Why We Love It:

Contains 84 essential minerals.
Naturally Harvested.
Helps nervous system, relieve stress and water retention.
Restores healthy calcium balance which strenghtens bones and nails.

Why We Love It:

Supports healing and repairs traumatized skin.
Provides instant relief after skin treatment procedures.
Superior for sun, wine and extreme weather conditions.
jewelry bracelets
Why We Love It:

Handcrafted in India.
Seven different styles with yoga and meditative inscriptions.
Copper can stimulate harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies, activating the Sacral Chakra.
summer bracelet

Why We Love It:

Available in two sizes.
Design inspired by sea, handcrafted to fit comfortably on the wrist.
Metal is solid and won't wear, can be worn everyday and in shower.
Easily cleaned and ages gracefully.

Why We Love It:

Gets kids involved with yoga in a fun way.
Child-friendly vocabulary and vibrant illustrations.
Encourages mind and body focus, balance and concentration.
yoga book

Why We Love It:

Humorous, down to earth wisdom.
Daily doses of inspiration and humor to help readers live more peaceful, loving and fulfilling lives.
kindness handbook
Why We Love It:

Provides insight and clarity when encountering stressful or annoying situations.
Thoughtful collection of anecdotes, stories and practical tools to inspire kindness for any life situation.
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