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Paddleboard Yoga

Surf’s Up! Balance Pro’s Try Paddleboard Yoga

Summer’s here, which means fun in the sun! And yoga on a stand up paddleboard, also known as SUP Yoga, is all the rage these days. If difficult balancing asanas come easy for you, if you are already a paddleboard or surfing enthusiast, or if you love doing yoga outdoors and are always searching for the ideal backdrop, you are an ideal candidate for paddleboard yoga. After all, what could possibly be a more beautiful landscape than tranquil, wide-open water?

This sport combines kayaking, surfing, and yoga. The stand-up paddleboard is much more conducive to yoga than a normal surfboard because it is sturdier and more buoyant. The SUP board is also longer and wider than your mat, giving you plenty of room. Also, if you lose your balance and fall, you will be treated to the pleasurable experience of a cool refreshing dip in the water, not a painful fall on a hardwood studio floor. Most paddleboard yogis practice on the paddleboard in the sand before bringing the paddleboard into the water, just to get the hang of things. As with other forms of yoga, SUP yoga increases flexibility and improves balance. But because you are practicing on an object that is constantly in motion, you get a much better core workout than practicing on a stagnant mat: your body (core in particular) must work much harder to achieve balance.

If you don’t own a paddleboard or have never even set foot onto a paddleboard, do not despair! Most places that offer paddleboard classes will have beginners present and boards to rent available. You should take a stand up paddleboard lesson before beginning SUP classes if you’ve never done it before. If you are located in Richmond, VA, like us, there are companies that offer SUP classes for $25, which includes rental.

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