It was the first day of my Counseling Psychology master’s program when the director said, “If you don’t already have a therapist, you are gonna need one: Every counselor needs his or her own shrink…” My first thoughts were: was this guy serious and ain’t nobody got time for that.


But, it wasn’t until my first set of finals that I realized that seeing someone would not only be beneficial for my overall health but balance me both spiritually and emotionally.


I have always been the type of person to take a controversial/ road less traveled way of resolving issues, so when it came time to look at my personal struggles I wasn’t too keen about seeking a licensed therapist. So, what about consulting a psychic??I’ve been alive 26 years and have never been to a psychic reading, I have never had cards read, been told my aura, or had my palm examined.


It seemed like a good fit. I’ve played the Ouija board, but I was twelve and didn’t really have the most developed questions. I’ve flipped over an eight-ball, but the answers were never clear. And of course, I’ve read my Cosmopolitan horoscopes— and I’m pretty sure those aren’t completely accurate.



The night before my first psychic reading I sat down and reflected on what I wanted to be told. Mainly that everything—my love life, my career, my finances, and my overall health are soon going to make a turn toward awesome.



Also, I knew they’d be reading who I was in my past life and I really wanted it to be someone who mattered, (duh, who doesn’t), I wanted to be like Susan B. Anthony or some other badass feminist from the past.



I will admit to being skeptical about this reading, but also fully willing to give it a go, and be “in the moment.” My roommate/ best friend refused to go with me— saying that she was scared of inception: the idea that if given certain information it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy—which of course caused anxiety especially after watching and debating the blockbuster film starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

And because I constantly question everything, I use those questions to create my own answers based on the given situation. And though most people find psychic readings to be complete and total BS, I will admit to enjoying the experience and actually gaining a bit of information about myself, HOKIE or not.


Four Things I Learned at my First Psychic Reading


  1. Make Your Aura So Fresh and So Clean, Clean


The first event that took place was a healing. Basically I sat in a chair while the women walked around me, snapping and shooting the negativity away from my “aura bubble.” It looks absolutely ridiculous, which is why I shut my eyes in hopes that I would save myself from fits of uncontrollable laughter. But, to be completely honest, I did feel different after it was over, sort of tingly and heavy—tranquil even. I did not realize my aura was so dirty; or that an aura could get dirty for that matter.


A few days after the reading I could sort of feel my aura getting dusty again. So, I sat down on the floor of my bedroom, lit an uncrossing candle, and tried to cleanse it myself—mediate and become centered if you will.




  1. Getting My Spiritualness On




So I wasn’t completely sold on the words that were coming out of my psychic’s mouth, but was very much intrigued by the idea of being in tune with my spiritual self. This was all about taking time to breathe a little deeper and say some affirmations and prayers. I soon began to realize that I knew very little about this part of myself. I have never found comfort in church like settings and thus in a way have avoided anything that comes near that aspect of myself.


  1. Too Many Invaders and Layers




The psychic said I would be good at poker and she was right. I hold my “cards” close to my heart. I compartmentalize and hide my vulnerabilities and stress myself out. I let others connect the dots on who I am, which can lead to the allure of mystery but can also be frustrating in that everyone has to do a lot of work and may not take the effort or put me together correctly.



What really fascinated me the most was the idea of foreign invasion-- this basically means that other people are getting all up in your aura, contaminating your creative and spiritual energy. Or it could have something to do with constantly worrying about what others think about me or pleasing others before myself.


  1. Stop Playing Hide and Seek


So whether or not the psychic was accurate, or if she just says the same Miss Cleo non-sense to everyone doesn't really matter—what matters is an actual internal examination of the self and the realization that some of it is true. And in the truth there is a place for growth and potential transformation; if there is a part of myself I don’t like, for example, I can work on showing vulnerability and letting things go while still being able to keep my poker face… when playing poker, at least.




Brittany Epley is a recovering overachiever, a single mother to a Beagle puppy named Dixie-Rose and a spiritual gangster wannabe. She graduated in 2012 from Virginia Tech (Go Hokies) where she majored in Psychology and Biology and minored in English. Brittany recently moved back to her hometown of Richmond, VA where she is currently realizing that life and being a responsible adult is the craziest thing there is—and she is learning (aka struggling) to go with the flow.