Headstands - build up to it!

Pose of the Week: Headstands

Headstands are all about building up your balance and core to allow your body to get to the next level. At the end of the day, a headstand is really what yoga is all about, giving your body the tools to push further than your mind can expect.

Inversions are great for a ton of reasons. They help digestion, force you to focus, and therefore forget whatever else is going on. I think, particularly with inversions, as soon as you allow the outside world in you lose the pose and momentum of your practice. Inversions force you to be still, and I believe the headstand does that most of all. Any lean forces correction or an end. One or the other. Never both. A headstand requires you to make a decision: fall or be still.

To do so requires patience and an understanding of how the body works. First allow the legs to feel the pressure of inversion. Both legs resting on a chair and legs up the wall accomplish this. It increases blood flow to the head and helps quiet the mind.

Once your body is used to the leg inversion, allow your core to support the weight. Before going into a headstand, I like to warm up my core and sholders by doing a shoulder stand. This helps release tight hip flexors and can relieve digestive issues.

The egg inversion is my last warm up before the final headstand. By tucking my legs into my body, my core, shoulders, and back can feel the weight of my body. While maintaining balance still provides a challenge, it is not the all encompassing goal.

While in the egg inversion, slowly bring the legs to the ceiling. Do not be afraid to use a wall to keep your balance! Go about the transition slowly. Headstands take time for success. The important thing is to allow your body to get used to the process.

Do you have any tips for achieving a headstand?



By: Jessica Adams (G+)