Upward Facing Dog

Upward Facing Dog

The problem with sitting in a chair all day is that you're sitting in a chair all day. If you're like me, You've stacked reams of paper under your computer monitor, so that at least you don't feel like you're slouching (even though you definitely are). Luckily, I know the cure.

Upward facing dog is awesome in so many ways. First of all, everyone can do it. Whether you're the newest kid on the yoga studio block or an indoctrinated yogi. Feel the stretch in your triceps, hip flexors, lower back and calves. Absolutely delicious.

The secret to the ultimate stretch with this pose is not allowing your knees to touch the ground. This forces your shins into the stretch as well. When working with others, I find that resting on the knees is one of the most common mistakes made. When doing the pose properly, you really allow your hips to engage the pose, and it is absolutely phenomenal after sitting in a chair all day. Inverse the position already. What are you waiting for?

By the way, the best thing about working at Yoga Accessories are yoga sessions on the deck. Absolutely stunning view of Richmond.

Happy Yoga-ing!


By: Jessica Adams (G+)