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September is Yoga Month 2013

YAX NEWS: National Yoga Month

It's September! Which means it's National Yoga Month. Try a new studio, grab coffee with that one girl you always talk to after class, or just take it as an excuse to practice every single day this month!

This holiday was officialized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and implemented through The Yoga Health Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to coordinating National Yoga Month by providing online resources, a calendar of events this month, as well as raising national awareness to the limitless health benefits that come as a result of yoga practice. Among these listed benefits: lowered blood pressure, increased flexibility, enhanced brain function, better skeletal alignment, weight loss, decreased stress, mental focus, and more.

Don't Miss Out!

The Yoga Health Foundation, in collaboration with over 1,600 yoga studios across the U.S., is offering free one-week passes to be used at participating studios across America during September. Just fill out the application, choose one studio from the list of participants near you, print out your pass, and don't forget it when you leave for the studio! Passes are good for one whole week at one studio. Bring a friend and a yoga mat!

By: Jessica Adams (G+)
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