Spring Cleaning

Spring is coming in full speed ahead! With flowers blossoming, the sun shining, and nature out to play, the only downside to this beautiful season comes the dreaded spring cleaning. We’re here with an article to hopefully make cleaning all of your yoga equipment just a little easier! Below you can find a cleaning guide for all of your favorite yoga products.

1. Mats

To clean your Yoga Accessories Yoga Mats, all you need is a mat cleaner. You can purchase one on our website, we have all different kinds of mat cleaners from sprays to wipes.

Cleaning Wipes - We sell one 30 count bag found here, and packs of 20 individually wrapped cleansing wipes here. Both of these are quick and easy options to clean your yoga mat!

Cleaner Spray - We also offer a Yoga and Exercise Mat Cleaner Spray that you can easily spray on your mat to wipe off all of the gunk that has gotten on your mat over time. You can purchase this in a 16 oz spray bottle here, or try it out by purchasing a 4 oz spray bottle here.

Aerosol Spray - One of our best selling cleaning sprays for our yoga mats is our Germ Blitz Aerosol Cleaning Spray. This spray is EPA approved, kills 99% of germs, and eliminates odors. You can purchase this aerosol here.

Or, for a more simple cleanup using things you more than likely already have in your home, follow the at home mat cleaner recipe below!

Supply List: 1/4 cup witch hazel (or white vinegar), 1 cup water, 8 drops Tea Tree Oil (optional), 8 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil (optional), and a spray bottle.

Directions: Add witch hazel (or white vinegar), water, and essential oils to a medium spray bottle. Place the nozzle on the bottle and shake vigorously to combine. Spray the mixture onto a yoga mat. Allow to sit for a minute, then with a towel using a lot of elbow grease, wipe the mat clean. Allow to line dry or dry laying flat.

2. Bolsters

Washing: Yoga Accessories Bolsters come with a removable cover. This cover can be used in the washing machine! Just toss it in the washer using a cold setting and you’re good to go. You could also hand wash these if you wanted to, using a mixture of detergent and cooler water.

Drying: Once you’re done washing your bolster cover, hang it out to dry. We don’t recommend using the dryer to dry the cover (it is made of cotton so it may shrink if the dryer is used). It shouldn’t take too long to line dry, and your bolster will look and feel brand new once you’ve cleaned it!

3. Blankets

Washing: Yoga Accessories blankets can be washed in a washing machine, just like our bolster covers! We recommend using a cold, delicate cycle. One pro tip, fold your blankets before putting them in the wash. This keeps them together, and keeps them creased right where you want them to be creased in order for a perfect fold when putting away your blankets.

Drying: Once they are done in the washer, hang the blankets out and line dry them. We do not recommend putting out blankets in the dryer as most are made with a cotton blend so they may shrink or develop lint. These blankets should dry relatively quickly, the larger the blanket the longer it will take to dry.

4. Blocks

There are different cleaning methods for each type of yoga block. See below for all the information you need to keep your yoga blocks squeaky clean.

Foam Yoga Blocks - Use a mild dish soap and water to clean these blocks with a towel. Use a very small amount of water, as you do not want it to seep through the block. Any stains should be right up, and once you’re done you can let them air dry. Once they are dry, they will look as good as new.

Wood Yoga Blocks - To clean wood blocks, use the same mixture of soap and water. Once you are done, towel dry immediately. If water is left on wood for too long, stains will form so you want to get all of the water up as soon as you are done.

Cork Yoga Blocks - To clean your cork block, use a wet cloth with an organic cleanser of any kind (or just water alone) to get off any stains. Make sure it is organic, as cork is a very sensitive material and can decompose if products that are too harsh are used. Cork is naturally antibacterial, so these blocks should not get too bad compared to our other blocks.

5. Straps

Washing: To clean our yoga straps, you can machine wash them just like our other products. The ones with the buckles might be a little loud in the washer, so you can soak them as well! You can leave it in a bucket of water with a little squirt of dish soap or laundry detergent overnight.

Drying: Once you take them out of the water, let them line dry. They should sit out for about a day to dry. Once they are dry, they will be as clean as when you first purchased them!

Got extra tips and tricks for cleaning your favorite yoga equipment? We are dying to hear from you, so tell us in the comments what you do to clean your favorite yoga equipment! Until next week, namaste :)