The phrase “Wear your coat” was my mother’s mantra from late October through mid April.

As I flung the front door wide open to play outside, I’d hear her voice rising up behind me with those words. Begrudgingly, I’d grab my jacket, and scream back to her.... “but I’m not cold!

Well, I overcame some of that stubborn spirit when I experienced that my body functions much better when it’s warm, especially in yoga. I love a good hot yoga class, but when you’re transitioning from 100 degrees to 30, this dramatic temperature change can be a jolt to the system. Here are a few tips and yoga accessories to make it easier to go from super hot to freezing cold this winter.

1) Allow extra time for your body to cool down after a hot yoga class. If possible, stay in the hot studio for an extra few minutes, sitting upright and breathing deeply.

2) Instead of going straight outside, transition to the locker room, which ideally, is somewhere between 65-75 degrees. Towel off your body and change out of your wet, sweaty yoga clothes clothes. Slip on some cozy organic cotton pants, your favorite yoga T-shirt and a fleece hoodie.

3) Keep a travel-sized hair dryer in your yoga mat bag so you can dry your hair and neck.

4) Use the yoga studio lobby to begin layering up for the walk or drive home. 

5) Some people say that drinking hot liquids doesn't actually warm up the body, but I think holding a steaming hot cup of green tea can do wonders!  Finally, keep a sense of warmth (from all those challenging postures) and visualize the cozy yoga studio long after you've rolled up your yoga mat.