If you’re just beginning yoga, Warrior II can feel pretty uncomfortable and even strained. Here are some tips to find more openness in Warrior II:

  • Coming into Warrior II on the right side, instead of reaching your right arm all the way down to the floor or even on a block, keep the right forearm on the right thigh. From here, try to lengthen the right side of the body (even though we are working on the left side, it is important to keep lengthening the right side as well.)

  • Next, try revolving your torso to turn your chest up more towards the ceiling. Revolve from above your waist and keep your abs engaged. This will open up the middle back and chest.

  • Finally, press down through the outer edge of the back left foot and sink into the bent front right knee. Externally rotate the right thigh so that the knee is tracking over the 2nd toe, just over the ankle.

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