Studio Of The Month For December

This month our featured studio is Colors of Yoga, owned and operated by Patrice Graham. Colors of Yoga is located in the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina. Patrice is dedicated to her practice as well as her business, and it shows through her studio.

Introduce yourself and your studio a bit.

"My name is Patrice Graham, and I am the owner of Colors of Yoga. We are located in Raleigh, and are a very welcoming studio. We cater to working class folks, so weekends and evenings are a big part of our studio vibe. We love to connect with our community, so not only do we offer yoga classes to our guests, but we chat over tea as well! Everything is currently all virtual, but we have just as much fun doing virtual classes than doing in person classes."

What made you get into yoga?

"When I first started practicing yoga, my friend suggested it to me. I tried a class and hated it, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough of a work out in. When I expressed how I felt about it that friend then suggested hot yoga, and I instantly loved it. Hot yoga felt like a real workout,and I could easily see my progress doing the same practice every week. I loved hot yoga, and now ironically enough my practice is more chill as I practice in unheated rooms and at a slower pace."

What made you want to open up a yoga studio?

"My mom and sister took a class that I taught while in yoga teacher training and they really benefited from the class, which later led to me opening up Colors of Yoga. Opening a yoga studio was not part of my original plan honestly. My retirement years were supposed to be spent teaching yoga, so I wasn’t too quick to jump at it at such a young age. I ended up having some unexpected free time, and was able to start training a few years ago. I felt like, if more diverse people taught yoga, then more diverse people would want to practice yoga."

How does Colors of Yoga differ from other studios in general, and from other studios in your area?

"We focus on beginners, so we tailor a lot of our classes towards beginners. We keep smaller classes, use language that is not too confusing during our classes, and name our classes common english phrases so that all language used in class is friendly for a novice yoga student. We are also a very diverse studio. We are welcoming of everyone no matter your race, age, gender, experience level, and we are lgbtq+ friendly."

How are you guys staying busy during the pandemic?

"As an update: we offer recordings for all of our classes now, so that if you can't join live you can watch the recording for 24 hours from the time of the recording to fit the needs of our clients. We also offer a lot of late night classes because a lot of our clients were having trouble getting adequate sleep."

Describe Colors of Yoga in one word, and why that word.

"Inclusive. It is so important to feel seen, heard, and understood. Colors of Yoga embodies inclusivity perfectly."

Any advice to people opening up their own yoga studios?

Stick with it. There were so many times in the beginning where I wanted to close the studio every week for the first year. If you continue to work and push yourself, the rewards will be amazing! Also, be specific on what you want when opening a studio. You have to know who your target audience is, have to know what you want to portray as a studio, and what kind of vibes you want to attract. As long as you trust in what you choose and really go for it with all you have, it will work in your favor in the end.

What would you like future potential members to know about Colors Of Yoga?

"You're welcome here! No matter who you are, come on in and we will make you feel right at home."

For more information on Colors of Yoga, you can head to their website at or their Facebook page,

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