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Superstore Yoga

UK Superchain Tesco Introduces New Service

Tesco logo

If we were unsure as to whether or not yoga has hit the mainstream yet, we are now. Tesco, a UK-based superstore, is offering yoga classes in their "community rooms" at certain new locations in an attempt to turn the grocery giant into "exciting retail destinations". For American readers, Tesco is akin to Walmart.

Customers at Tesco's Watford location will be the first to unroll their yoga mats. As well as yoga, this location will also have a coffee shop, bakery, nail salon, hair salon, and restaurant under one roof. Under bright fluorescent lights and sharing a wall with the loud hustle and bustle of a supermarket, we are pretty sure this is a public relations stunt. After all, who would want to spend more time in a super store than is completely necessary? This concept is, however, a sign of the times.

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