Basic Omni-Swing Yoga Swing Install Instruction

The Following are Instructions for the Basic Omni Swing. The Omni Deluxe Swing features different types of attachments and we sell a stand for it as well.

You can set up your Basic Omni Yoga Swing safely in just a matter of minutes by following these simple instructions:

  1. Select your location. You can set the swing up inside (from support beams with ceiling hooks) or outside (on a VERY sturdy tree branch or on a porch that offers a natural horizontal structure from which to hang). Keep in mind that wherever you decide to set up a swing, the ground underneath should be as soft as possible. For example, soft grass is preferable over hardwood; plush carpet is preferable over solid concrete or hardwood flooring. You can pick almost any sturdy, horizontal structure that is at least 12 inches (30 cm) above the top of your head.

  2. Select your method of installation. You can secure your swing via ceiling hooks/bolts or by looping nylon rope (at least ¾" thick) through the top loops and securing them to top structure with proper knots. The latter method is preferable. The rope included in the swing is part of the adjustment system so you will need to purchase additional nylon rope from a hardware store. Be very cautious if using ceiling hooks or bolts, as they will need to support more than your full body weight (after factoring in gravity in movement). If you want to use hooks/bolts, it is recommended it be professionally installed.

  3. You can adjust the yoga swing side handles to any part of the adjustment system, but most often the handles are put on the top hook so the lowest handle becomes a foot stirrup. The center section works best (ideal height) when hooked into the knots below the side handle hooks. When hanging free, the bottom of the center section should be at hip level. If you want to do inversions, make sure your head will clear the floor with extra room. You can adjust the knots up or down to best suit the height you to your desire. Play around with the settings to find what feels the best/most natural to you.

Remember: the user accepts all liability when using the Yoga Swing. Always check the condition of the ropes, knots, and swing before each use.