Thera-Band 25ft Dispenser Box Exercise Tubing - Red / MEDIUM

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Thera-Band 25ft Dispenser Box Exercise Tubing - Red / MEDIUM
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25ft of tubing
Natural rubber latex
2.7 lbs. of force
Thera Band Tubing is an alternative to conventional free weights or elastic bands. Athletic Trainers prefer it because the color resistance levels are the same as Thera Band Exercise Bands used in physical therapy. It is also used in occupational therapy, orthopedics, pediatrics, sports medicine, home health care, geriatrics, hand therapy, and Chiropractic. These 25ft Dispenser Boxes are perfect to have at fitness studios and retail stores because they provide more product at a discounted bulk price. The tubing can be easily cut to the recommended 48"-50" long, and the box only contains the tubing without the handles.

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