Top Five MUST SEE’S at the Sackler Gallery

Top Five MUST SEEs at the Sackler Gallery

The Smithsonian's much anticipated exhibit, Yoga: The Art of Transformation, opened its doors to an eagerly-awaiting crowd on October 19 of this year. Since then, hundreds of raving online and print reviews have been published. Out of the 133 objects on display, we picked out our top five favorites in hopes that you will be inspired to venture to D.C. and check it out!

  1. Virasana: Headstands are a hallmark of the well-trained yogi. History shows that this is not a new innovation. Don't let your eyes pass over this 17th century manuscript depicting the proper way to do a headstand (virasana).
  2. Hindoo Fakir: What do you get when you combine Thomas Edison, motion picture and yoga? Magic! In this short motion picture filmed by Thomas Edison in 1902 (over 100 years ago!), Indian street magic is demonstrated. The antiquated special effects are actually pretty impressive when you consider how old it is.
  3. Skinniest Buddha: a late-Ming dynasty sculpture made from mammoth ivory depicts what appears to be a fasting Buddha.
  4. Koringa: Earliest Yoga Journal covergirl? Maybe so! Check out this cover from a 1937 issue of LOOK Magazine, depicting a circus performer claiming to be 'the only female yogi'.
  5. Art in Context: Inspired? You don't have to go far to get your downward-dog on. Through the Sackler Gallery's “Art in Context" program, three weekly yoga classes are available right inside the exhibit! Brave and confident souls only.... we cringed when we saw how close the patrons are to the ancient statues and paintings on display.

The exhibit is set to end on January 26, 2014 and admission is free.