What Would You Change Now If You Knew Your Future?

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Last week I went to a psychic for the first time. One of my girlfriends works for an interior designer who went to college in New Orleans, and while she was studying there she visited a psychic from Bottom Of The Teacup. She was told that when she was 28 she would get married (she did) she would have a boy and a girl (she did) and she would start her own interior design business (she did.)


The man who read her tarot cards is famous, according to the website, and is still working there today. So when my six friends and I decided to go to New Orleans for New Year’s Eve we decided, what the hell, and booked seven appointments with a psychic from the same place that woman went all those years ago.


Our experience was interesting. Going in, we had a few excited believers in our group and we had a few skeptics who thought we were all wasting our money. By the end of the seven appointments, we had a group full of unnerved adults. One by one we went in, and one by one each person came out with a curiously accurate experience… each thinking the same thing. Was it real? How did she know that? Was what she had said unique to each one of us, or could it have been used for anybody and we were reading into it?


We played around with these questions on our way home. Each one of us had been given a CD recording of our reading and when we got home we sat around the table and listened to them all. An interesting thing happens when you’ve been told your “future,” because you aren’t quite sure if it’s okay for you to admit aloud that you believe what you’ve been told. And if you do believe it… well what then?


I figure before you stop reading and say to yourself that psychics are a con and they probably had a recording in the waiting room and somebody was staged near us to ask us questions and then reported to the psychic, or checked our Facebook’s, etc. let me explain my experience.


We booked an appointment under first name only; we filed into a small teashop with a quiet waiting room holding three small tables. Nobody asked us questions, nobody spoke to us and we didn’t really speak to each other… and if we did we certainly weren’t talking about our lives and giving hints away at our past. One by one (and sometimes by two’s, depending which psychic was available) we were taken down a hallway and into small rooms big enough for a table and two people, one of whom being the psychic.




I sat down across from the psychic who was already seated. She explained to me a bit about what was about to happen and that she would be recording the session, she shuffled her tarot cards, hit record and off we went. For the next 10 minutes she told me about myself. My past, my present, what she saw me doing in the somewhat near future.


She told me I had transferred colleges, that she saw a lot of confusion in my education and indecisiveness on my end but eventually I had made a decision and followed an entirely different path that I had originally began on and now here I was. She told me I had made the right choice that I was on the right path education wise, etc. etc. She knew I was studying in the communication field, that I had a broad range of options I could choose pertaining to the field I was interested in and studying, and that I wouldn’t have an issue after college finding a job.


She saw me being faced with job choices, and that ultimately I would choose one that required a big move. I graduate this year, so technically yes, she could be spot on. However, looking at me you would figure I was in my early twenties and so a big change coming up could be predicted for anybody my age.


She then moved on to my relationship… she knew I was dating somebody, knew we were long-distance and that this was tough (who wouldn’t guess that?) She also said she thought I was more career-focused whereas he was more focused on us… at least, she thought he was imaging a future and I wasn’t. She didn’t see him as my life partner, but said I did have one coming- in the winter of 2018, as a matter of fact. She saw us having a boy and a girl, and didn’t see any other partners for me after him.


She told me I would never be win-the-lottery wealthy, but I would be comfortable throughout my life and have room for extras, like travel.




Everyone else’s experience in the group was fairly similar to mine… she hit things that stuck with you, that made you raise your eyebrows thinking maybe this wasn’t a scam, and if it wasn’t a scam then was it real?


One of the guys on the trip runs his own business and profits solely on gaining and having reliable clients and crews. For him, she saw the summer would be great for him job-wise and he would be bringing on new clients… how did she know specifically to use the word clients? For any of the rest of us, that wouldn’t have meant a thing. For him, it was the only word she could’ve used to represent prospering in his work.


As we all listened to each other’s CDs one thought began to play over and over in my mind. Does hearing your supposed future impact how you live your present?


My boyfriend’s reaction to my reading surprised me. He was upset at how un-phased I was, upset at the idea of us breaking up. Which is an interesting emotion, because technically I do suppose that if the relationship we’re in right now supposedly isn’t going to last then is it worth our energy, time and sacrifice?


Let’s say I am fortunate enough to receive multiple job offers, with a few being in other cities far away. Well now I’m faced with an interesting dilemma… do I pick the job furthest away because a psychic who seemed to know very accurate things about me told me that I would be making a big move? If a make a big move to a new city is this where I ultimately end up meeting the man in 2018 that I marry? What if I choose a job closer to home? Does my future then change instantly, the mystery man vanishes from my fate and now a completely new destiny lies before me? Do I let what a psychic told me off a side street in New Orleans affect my life, now somewhere in my subconscious I begin basing life-changing decisions off of her reading?


Well you think, of course not- that’s ridiculous. What about however, for someone who didn’t have a good future?


One of my friends on the trip was told that she would have financial struggles all her life, she would be single for another decade until she found her life partner. She wouldn’t have a career in the field that she was currently studying. No children were seen in her future and she was told family members would be sick and this didn’t necessarily have a good outcome. 


So when you hear a fortune like that, does that begin to impact how you live your life? Do you then make rash decisions, perhaps deciding to move in with your partner too soon for fear of losing them and then ultimately losing them anyways because you weren’t quite ready yet to live together?


If you hear you’re going to have financial struggles, do you decide to fight it or concede to your future? If you’re offered your dream job do you take it even though you’ve been told you could potentially never make a living from it? Do you work harder than you ever thought you’d have to in order to make sure you prevent yourself from having financial troubles? Or do you ignore the fortune entirely, letting life play out as it should and accepting your fate regardless if it’s good or not…


So, I'm left still wondering. Does hearing your supposed future impact how you live your present?





authorSky Andersen holds down the role of blog writer at Yoga Accessories. Currently studying Public Relations at Virginia Commonwealth University, she writes for many different publications and is passionate about all things photography, travel and of course- yoga.