When in Doubt, Just Breathe



Stressed GIRL



Breathing. It’s simple, right? An unconscious action that you don’t worry or think about…


Wrong- you should be thinking about it, it is so important to remember to just breathe.


There are many well known natural healing and healthy remedies for your body. These can range from eating well, drinking water, practicing yoga and stretching, to even applying sunscreen.


People put so much of their focus, attention, and purpose into ensuring that needs such as these are met. From choosing to eat a salad at lunch rather than a fast-food burger or walking to a store a half-mile away rather than driving, people are constantly working to make the “right” decisions for themselves based on the advice that BuzzFeed articles and Pinterest remedies have deemed as “healthy.”


But- have you taken the time to think about what truly makes you healthy? What makesyou wake up feeling refreshed? What makesyou smile for no reason? What makes you feel like you are walking on top of the world with all of your energy? Do you know what your body needs?


Dealing with the constant demands we face everyday- friends, family, work, spouses, children, chores and a thousand other miscellaneous things you encounter in your day- can be completely suffocating.


You try so hard to listen to everyone and everything that is thrown in front of you, on a daily basis, but are you really hearing them? How can you hear anything at that point? But more importantly, how can you even hear yourself?


There comes a time in your life where you begin to notice how well, or perhaps not so well, you know yourself. Within this process, try to notice what your body is telling you it needs in order for it to be healthy. I believe that one should listen to these suggestions from their own body, instead of relying on articles and studies telling you what your body and mind needs.


Once I began listening to what my body was telling me it needed to be healthy, I discovered the single most important remedy is one that is entirely free, painless, and virtually effortless: Breathing.


Even though you can’t simply turn life off for a minute with a simple flick of a switch, you can take a moment to just breathe.


I began by changing my daily routine and most importantly my morning routine.


I used to avidly trust various articles and how-to's on how to improve everything from digestion and bloating to energy and mood swings; however, despite finding no change in how I was feeling, I began to focus on more so on listening to my body, rather than what I was reading. When I did this, I broke down almost everything that I did on a daily basis.



I included everything from what I first put in my body in the morning, to how I began and concluded my workouts, to how I was spacing out my meals. I found that when I began to start my days with ample time for me to slowly wake up, stretch, practice deep breathing, drink a glass of water with lemon, and center my intentions from the day around a positive, purposeful outlook, everything else began to fall into place.



My energy increased from my increase in happiness and centeredness, my digestion balanced out from following intuitive and more wholesome eating, and my productivity sky rocketed. For once, I implemented something beneficial into my day to day life, that was resulting from my own, self-generated lifestyle change; rather than, an October Issue on self-help from Cosmo.





I'm going to assume when your alarm clock goes off in the morning you unwillingly roll over to turn it off, then you sit up and get out of bed- stop.


Here is where your routine should change:


When your alarm clock goes off in the morning, roll over willingly to turn it off. Lay back and stretch out your beautiful strong arms and legs as wide as you possibly can, breathing in the absolute biggest and most life-loving breath that you can muster, and blow it all out. By making this one change, you are showing your body firsthand you are istening, you do respect it, and you will treat it well. All with one deep breath.

It's a habit you should absolutely implement in your life, as small as it may seem. Some days you can’t always make a yoga class and you don't have time in your day to set aside to sit in silence by yourself and relax. If is this is the case, don’t worry- all you need to do is simply to let yourself breathe.

For example: your child refuses to eat the “nasty” breakfast that you woke up an hour earlier to make? Before you react: STOP. Take a big DEEP, breath in and exhale in one big blow out through your mouth.


Your husband runs past you and into his car because he's late for work, and completely forgets it's is your anniversary… Take a big and deep breathe in and release it ALL through your mouth.


Every single time you feel that knot in your chest begin to form due to anxieties you encounter in your day, JUST BREATHE.


We all face many demands and pressures daily, and while you can’t be everything all the time for everyone- you CAN take the time to breathe and appreciate yourself, no matter what. Learning to breath beautifully is a simple change you can make in your day, and I encourage you to try it.


Pictured below are three essential oils I use to aid in my deep breathing practice. I drew inspiration to add oils to my deep breathing exercises from many of the yoga studios I've attended- just put a dab of any of these essential oils on either a warm or cold towel, and press on your neck, head, eyes, nose, ears, chin, etc. Breathe these beautiful oils in for a natural release and a more calming experience.


As you breathe in remember: you are beautiful. You are strong. You are resilient and you can do this.


Because you are YOU with every beautiful breath that you take.


What's your favorite way to relax from the day's stress? Tell us in the comments below!

Kedron Walsh is a current Sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University, pursuing a degree in Health Sciences and Spanish, with aspirations to further her education with a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics. Kedron loves to travel, shop local, find cute coffee shops and support her surrounding yoga and fitness studios. She combines her passion for wholesomeness and wellness with her love to write, photograph and experiment with new recipes through her wellness, fitness and health Instagram account: @yourdailycupoffuel.