aquatic yoga

Yes, it is almost October 1, but don't put away those swimsuits just yet! If you love swimming pools, and we know you love yoga, why not try aqua yoga? Aqua yoga, aka: yoga in the water, woga, or water yoga, is a style of yoga which takes it to the water! It is low to no impact, performing a set of asanas in the water, many adapted versions of common poses. Health benefits go beyond simply increasing core balance, releasing muscle tension, and building strength. So put that bikini back on, ditch the yoga mat, and hop in!


  • Safety: Aquatic gravity means no hard falls. Plus, humans have the ability to float. The more body fat you have, your ability to float is increased.

  • Floating is good for you! Balance your Chi. Floating helps: open spinal column (and heart chakra), elongates muscles, and rotates joints.

  • Joint health: Joints are fully protected and safe. Zero pressure on the joints.

  • Natural Resistance: instead of relying on your body weight to add gravitational resistance in asanas, try a safer and less challenging approach in the deep end. Our bodies are composed of 88% water, so we are naturally buoyant. Any movement in the water provides more resistance aka more of a push/pull on all parts of your body, not just the one muscle group targeted.

  • Quietude: De-stress by freeing yourself of bodily aches pain. Just as a warm bath or hot tub will help muscle and joint pain as well as soothing stress away, a heated pool is effective at warming up joints, so you can stretch deeper and fuller into your poses.

  • Outdoor Pool Bonus: FRESH AIR! Oxygen is at the core of prana, or life force. Fresh air oxygenates the blood cells, creating a natural body high, boosting the immune system, improving sleep quality, soothes nerves, and it great for the skin.

  • Reputed health benefits of aquatic yoga: overall well-being, reduced anxiety and stress, alleviate chronic pain and fibromyalgia, as well as mental clarity.

  • No balance? No problem. You won't have to balance at all in the traditional sense. Buoyancy will be your new best friend, like a dynamic support wall surrounding your entire body at all times.

  • Diaphragmatic Breathing: Water pressure + belly breathing = high resistance against belly expansion and super-oxygenated blood! This results in a hyper-alert state of relaxation.

  • Water: the universal solvent. There's an extensive history and plethora of healing benefits from water therapy.

  • Try something new: If you've hit a plateau in your workout regimen or are bored with the same ole yoga schedule, check out your local aquatic centers and see if aqua yoga is offered! It's a great way to mix it up and workout muscle groups that largely go unnoticed.

  • Other Health Benefits: improved digestion, breathing, and cardiovascular function; slowed bone density loss, removal of metabolic waste, reduced fatigue and muscle spasms, and improved self-esteem, quality of life!

More Details About Aqua Yoga Classes

  • Water temperature = 94 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Group classes (with couples) or one-on-one

  • Water props (like tiny arm and leg floaties, pool noodles, and kickboards) are used as well as core strength to hold poses

  • Classes are typically 30-60 minutes

  • A great way to get into yoga if you are a senior citizen, obese, arthritic, recovering from injury

  • Also a form of physical therapy

By: Jessica Adams (G+)


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