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Yoga Bolsters

Yoga BolsterThe use of a bolster in your yoga practice will help you to deepen into relaxation poses, give you that extra little stretch that you need in restorative poses, and supports relaxed parts of the body in meditation for added comfort.

They are a common prop in restorative yoga -- a slower-paced and gentle form of yoga that utilizes yoga props to hold poses longer. It is not uncommon to hold poses up to twenty minutes each in a restorative class! Yoga bolsters are perfect for helping your body open up in a relaxed pose. Although they support your body while you are holding a stretch, they actually help you stretch because you are able to hold the pose much longer.

To kick off a bolster-supported practice, try Supported Bridge Pose: Begin laying down on the mat in Corpse Pose (Savasana). Bring your feet flat onto the ground a few inches below the buttocks, and lift into a Bridge Pose. Now, grab your bolster and place it lengthwise under your lower back and buttocks. You can now relax down, leaving your feet firmly planted into the ground. Your shoulders should be open and relaxed, and arms are draped alongside the body. This pose aids in digestion and will re-energize the body and mind. offers round bolsters or flatter, rectangle-shaped bolsters of all colors to match your own taste and preferance.