Yoga DVDs

Yoga DVDAttending yoga classes is the best way to learn yoga, and for thousands of people every day, practicing in a studio with the assistance of a trained professional and other yogis is the way they learn to let go, relax, and strengthen the body, all while getting into shape. Going to a class is not feasible for everyone, though -- whether it be time constraints, class availability, or cost, many people end up either writing off yoga altogether or opting for buying a yoga DVD. With a DVD, the yogi has the option to practice in the privacy of their own bedroom or living room, which can be transformed to a sanctuary with the aid of scented candles and feng shui. Practicing with DVDs also allows the yogi to control time and duration of practice, and best of all, it costs nothing after the initial investment of the DVD itself. While purchasing a yoga DVD can be the ideal solution to all of the problems that come with the restraints and prerequisites of attending an actual class inside a yoga studio, there are issues and negative aspects that come with home practice. For some people, the setting of a yoga studio provides a less distracting atmosphere, and requires you to stay put for the entire duration of the class. If you are easily distracted, the kids won’t leave you alone, or the phone is constantly ringing off the hook, home practice might not be so easy or practical. With dozens of different types of yoga and hundreds of yoga DVDs, how do you find the right yoga DVD for yourself? It starts with understanding a little bit about your fitness level and yoga itself. Advanced yoga is not only very difficult but can easily result in injury to someone who is not ready for it. When you go to a class, an instructor can help you be sure that you are doing the poses correctly, or can even let you know that you are not ready for a certain class and might need to start with something less advanced.

Done properly and if external circumstances allow for it, a yoga DVD can be an excellent way to get in shape. You just need to follow a few simple steps when choosing your DVD. Most important is to pay attention to the fitness level or skill level that should be advertised on the DVD or the website from which you are buying. If fitness level is not clearly stated, you can search the internet for review sites that can tell you a bit more about the DVD or that particular type of yoga, and you can then use context clues to estimate skill level. You will want to decide on a type of yoga (hatha, power, vinyasa, or restorative, for example) that you are interested in. With the wide variety of yoga types available, this choice can be confusing if not downright challenging. It might be helpful to know what you would like to accomplish with your yoga DVD -- in other words, what your fitness goals are. People do yoga for a variety of reasons, such as weight loss, increased flexibility, improved core strength, and/or relaxation. Understanding this will guide you in your choice. Not all instructors or DVD production companies are the same, so you might want to check a yoga DVD you are interested in purchasing against reviews, or choose DVDs based on the recommendations of yoga experts. Many online yoga retailers, like, are run by yoga enthusiasts; quick email to one of them may help you narrow down your choice considerably. Be sure to share your fitness level and the reason for practice, and they should be able to make a suitable recommendation. The folks at would love to assist you in making the right choice, and you can count on their excellent customer service to answer all of your questions and make the right buying choice in the privacy and convenience of your own home.