Yoga Equipment

Starting a new yoga practice can be exciting, but it’s easy to get carried away and spend too much money on yoga gear that you don’t really need. As you further your practice, you may find certain props and accessories that will be necessary to assist you relax from pose to pose, but chances are that you won’t need all of them all at once. For example, some people are naturally more flexible than and won’t ever need to buy a strap. Others master balancing poses quickly and don’t need the added stabilization of a block. Additionally, many studios provide blocks, straps, mats, and other props for you to borrow to help get you started.

Yoga equipment serves several different purposes, but primarily it will serve one of three functions: comfort, safety, and making practice more effective. The first piece of equipment you will want to buy before you start your first yoga classes is a decent yoga mat. Yoga mats will not only help to achieve poses more easily and accurately, but will also protect your joints and muscles from injury. It is important to find a good mat that will not slip on the floor or under your hands and feet once they become sweaty. The mat you choose should be at least a quarter inch thick to provide sufficient cushion from a hard studio floor.

Yoga blocks are the next piece of yoga equipment you might consider investing in. Blocks are used to help stabilize your body while holding challenging poses. They are especially helpful if you are over six feet tall. In addition, yoga blocks can make certain poses more comfortable and they help to align the body properly. They are made from sturdy foam, or sustainable and eco-friendly cork or wood, and usually measure nine to 13.5 inches long.

Most people will want to have a bag to keep their mat and blocks in, so this is another piece of yoga equipment you will want to invest in right away. Yoga bags can hold all of your new toys in style! Having a bag that is specifically made for yoga will ensure the bag is large enough and that there are places for each specific piece of equipment you have, protecting them from scratches or other damage caused by improper storage.

Yoga straps help you to achieve poses that may be difficult because you are unable to reach a body part properly. Blankets, skidless towels, and bolsters are all available directly from and will help to provide extra cushioning and height, making that next position a breeze. Our Yoga DVD’s will help add variety and guidance to any home practice, and yoga CD’s are great for relaxation, meditation, or quelling road rage in the car.

Whether you are just starting up or are simply looking to enhance your practice, offers a large selection of high-quality yoga gear at affordable prices. Each representative can offer individualized attention based on their own passion for yoga, helping you to find what you need to get off to a great start.