Yoga Liftoff

Yoga Liftoff!

Hauling luggage around, long layovers, delayed flights, and nonstop elbow-to-elbow contact: a few reasons why air travel can get a little bit stressful ...hectic, at best. Slow your roll at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, where, in Terminal 3 / Mezzanine, you can now find a little bit of zen, stress-relief, and relaxation in their new Yoga Room, opened December 10th of 2013.

O'Hare has joined the likes of Dallas Fort-Worth Airport, San Francisco International, and Burlington International Airport, who have all debuted yoga-meditation rooms to much applause. There are no changing rooms inside of the Yoga Room, so make sure to wear layers and comfortable clothing. Props, mats, and other gear will be provided. Windows are frosted for privacy, and plants and soothing music join instructional videos in creating a serene atmosphere.