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Yoga Props
by the Hippie Yogini

Yoga Props ImageFor the beginner yoga student, the use of yoga props may seem confusing and unnecessary; in truth yoga props can help support your quest for better health. The purpose of yoga props is to provide those who are new to yoga, the ability to safely do more difficult poses that their muscles may not be quite ready for. Yoga is an excellent way to increase mental and physical well being and the use of props encourages those who might otherwise quit in frustration to continue on with that extra bit of help. There are many different yoga props available, with each prop designed to extend your reach, stabilize and align you as you go thru the various yoga poses. The purpose of props is to help you get into the proper form for each yoga pose and keep it longer so that you can realize the benefits of yoga much faster. Yoga blocks are perhaps the most well know of yoga props, these handy little foam blocks can be used for a variety of reasons, from allowing you to reach the floor with your hands, to giving you a little extra support, especially if you suffer from a bad back or stiff leg muscles. Yoga blocks can also help you align your body more precisely so that you get the maximum benefit from each pose.

Yoga straps are used for similar reasons, but in a slightly different way. Perhaps you are unable to reach your toes, or you are especially stiff, the strap is placed around your foot while you hold it to get in that extra bit of stretch that can help you take your yoga routine to the next level. Yoga props such as bolsters have a different use in offering you extra support for your back, shoulders and neck when attempting more advanced yoga poses. One of the most versatile yoga props is a yoga blanket; these are used to take the place of a bolster in supporting your back, shoulders and neck and can be used to cover you up during the end of your routine. The yoga ball is one of the newer yoga props to hit the scene but is useful when doing backbends and restorative poses. Excellent to use for reducing stress and unwinding tight muscles, these yoga props should be in every yoga studio or a tool in your home practice. An important part of yoga is learning to quiet your mind and relax your body; something that can be very challenging for yoga students after a hectic day.

Yoga props such as eye pillows can combine aromatherapy with light blocking to help you meditate and relax more effectively. Yoga props are an important part of any yoga student's routine and you should plan on picking up at least a few of them if you plan to get serious about yoga. They can help you make the most out of your yoga class, helping you to walk out of class feeling refreshed and energized. If you need yoga props for your next yoga class, be sure to check out They offer a large selection of top quality yoga props at great prices, and take their yoga and their customer service seriously.

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