OMG This Mat . . . is the Best!

Gaia Eco Yoga Mat | The Obvious Choice for Nature Lovers

Seriously cannot get enough of this mat! It’s not slippery when I do hot yoga. It’s not heavy when I bring it hiking. It’s super gushy and comfortable when I do inversions. Plus when I clean it, it’s easy to just … wipe off.

It’s the absolute best.

I prefer it over all the other expensive, well-known mats I own. I didn’t think I would, but I can’t help it. This mat just makes everything so easy for me.

{ Look! I can even squish it together }

A little background scope on this amazing Gaia mat… it has not a single toxic, ozone depleting chemical in its makeup. It’s actually made of closed-cell NBR foam . . . completely ‘green.’ It feels like foam too, yet its textured surface allows me to get the grip I need in every pose.

I can’t stop reaching for this mat, my body craves it!

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