Poses For Posture

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster | Yoga Instructor RYT200 on 7/22/2019 to Modern Yoga Trends
Poses For Posture
Yoga can improve posture and eventually aid in minimizing the symptoms of TMJ (temporomandibular disorder) and chronic neck and back pain. With research, we provided a few of our favorites used to this day. 

Eco-Friendly Yoga Gear for the Environmentally Conscious

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 3/3/2019 to Modern Yoga Trends

Making a conscious decision to use products made of organic materials is a great way to direct your efforts towards preserving our planet. This decision not only aids in producing less waste but also by providing a natural surface for your skin and body to practice on.

Best Ways To Utilize Yoga Blankets

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 2/28/2019 to Yoga As Fitness & Lifestyle

Used along with various poses, blankets are very accommodating to the weak parts of the body and can transform into multiple forms as folded or rolled.

Is Wrist Pain Affecting Your Practice?

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 2/19/2019 to Yoga As Fitness & Lifestyle

If you find your wrists starting to hurt during your yoga practice, you may be placing your weight on the wrong places. The solution to this recurring discomfort may not be that you have bad or weak wrists, but sincerely just the placement of your hands on the mat.  

Top 10 Benefits of Heart Openers

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 2/12/2019 to Yoga As Fitness & Lifestyle

Something I took interest in was our internal storage of emotion. I learned our brain stores memories just as our body stores feelings. Our hips and heart primarily, among countless other “storage facilities” within our body remember the events of our past.

Benefits of a Weighted Eye Pillow

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 1/9/2019 to Modern Yoga Trends

Used for Savasana and restorative yoga, eye pillows give more benefit to the body than just shutting out the light. Ever wonder just why it feels so good to have a little weight on your eyelids?

Yoga Bolster Sizes Compared

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 1/8/2019 to Yoga As Fitness & Lifestyle

Each bolster is different, and some are better used for certain yoga postures than others. Your height, weight, and style of practice are the deciding factors for what type(s) of yoga bolsters you should be using for your body.

Tis the Season Holiday Yoga Gift Guide 2018

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 11/12/2018 to Yoga Events

Feel Your Feet with Becky (Tara) Eschenroeder

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 11/1/2018 to Health & Wellness

Inspirationally planting seeds within us, Becky helps us to grow into the person we wish to become. Her yoga classes are inspirational, filled with her own personal poetry and shared experiences of her personal journey. You know a yoga teacher is a powerful influencer in life when you tear up in their Savasana.

Yoga After Whiplash

Posted by Heather C. Lancaster on 10/9/2018 to Modern Yoga Trends

Research shows that doing yoga to lengthen, twist, and enhance the spine right after a car accident can result in extreme turmoil for the body. You can slip a disk, ruin the alignment of your spine, and contribute to further permanent injuries that would require constant attention for practically the remainder of your life.