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Parking Lot Workout

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 4/9/2013
If you’re looking for a new place to exercise, here are some routines that you can do in a parking lot

How to strength train in a park

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 4/2/2013
As the weather gets warmer, running or walking outside becomes more appealing. Here are some tips to add strength training to your workout while you’re outside in a park

Spring into your yoga practice

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 3/26/2013
With winter coming to an end, here are some tips to literally spring into your yoga practice this Spring

Leg Exercises to Incorporate Into Your Workout

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 3/5/2013
Lacking or bored of leg exercises? Here are some variations of squats and lunges to incorporate into your next workout:

Push-Up Variations

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 2/26/2013
Looking to spice up your push-ups? Whether you are doing modified push-ups on your knees or performing push-ups in a full push-up starting position, here are a few variations:

A 10-Minute Workout Routine Without Equipment

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 2/19/2013
Whether you’re in a hotel room or in your house, here is a 10-minute workout routine that doesn't require equipment:

How to Make You Workout Your “Me” Time

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 2/12/2013
If you dread your workout time, here are some ways to make it more about “me” time and less about being a burden:

How to Engage Your Inner Thighs In Yoga

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 2/5/2013
In many yoga poses, it’s possible to activate your inner thighs to help tighten and strengthen them. Here are some tips:

Natural Tips for More Energy

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 1/29/2013
If you find yourself reaching for a cup of coffee or a sugary treat every time you’re running out of energy, try these tips instead:

How to Rev Up Your Yoga Routine in the Winter

Posted by Devin McGlynn on 1/22/2013
Here are some tips to rev up your yoga practice this winter!
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